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Hand of the Week

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Joel Martineau

220pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-042-8

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Categories: Bidding | Intermediate | Defense | General Interest

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About the Book

Perhaps the best way to improve your bridge is to watch an expert play, and try to understand the reasoning behind their bids and plays. Here, readers follow the bidding and play (or defense) of fifty-two deals – one a week for a year – and listen to the author’s thinking as each hand develops. Understanding why the experts do what they do is the first step towards being able to do it yourself – at least some of the time!

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About the Author

Joel Martineau

Joel Martineau (Canada) was a finalist in the 2017 Canadian National Teams Championships. Since retiring from teaching literature at the University of British Columbia he has focused on teaching bridge.


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Critics’ Viewpoint

Bridge books often repeat the same ideas, and it is rare to find a volume that offers something new. In Hand of the Week, 52 Bridge Stories Vancouver, B.C., bridge teacher Joel Martineau definitely offers something new.  Joel has produced 52 essays exploring some expected and some surprising topics. You will find much about bridge technique, how to play a better game, tips on how to be a better partner, how to make life easier for your partner and more difficult for your opponents, and how to be a better mentor. You will find some bridge history and some autobiography. This rich collection explores other less familiar themes, such as vocabulary as a technique for bridge improvement. Or, if you’re going to teach others bridge ideas, why do you not follow them yourself? Or, what do we truly love about this game? Master Point Press is the publisher of  many other admirable books on bridge. It has a popular series where 25 ideas are covered in a book: 25 ways to be a better defender, 25 bridge myths and so on. Joel has gone them 27 better and given you 52 stories, packed with ideas to think about. Put yourself in the hands of this skilled raconteur.

— Tom Anderson    Date: 2018-05-14

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