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CANCELED - Moysian Play: Those magic 4-3 trump fits

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Warren Watson

198pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-049-7

Cost in Canadian Dollars  $23.95        Cost in Cost in US Dollars  $19.95        Cost in Cost in UK Pounds  £12.95

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About the Book


The Moysian (4-3) trump fit is named for the late Alphonse Moyse, who was an ardent proponent of selecting such trump suits. Managing the play when the longest trump holding is only four cards, and the opponents have almost as many total trumps as declarer, is a delicate balancing act.  The techniques that need to be applied when playing a Moysian fit are unusual, and have received little attention in bridge literature prior to this.

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About the Author

Warren Watson

Warren Watson (Canada) is a professional artist and an avid bridge player. He is an ACBL Sapphire Life Master, an ACBL accredited teacher, a bridge columnist for the Trail Times, an ACBL director, and the Kootenay Jewel Bridge Club manager. He currently resides in Trail, BC, and in the winter can be found skiing around the back of Grey Mountain.


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