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Master Point Press Goes Digital

Over 30 titles published electronically, including free and out-of-print titles

February 17, 2009
Late last month Master Point Press released over 30 titles in a new electronic eBook edition, available for purchase and download at Demand for eBooks and eBook readers is growing dramatically as people recognize the benefits of having an entire book library available at their fingertips in one small portable device. Master Point Press has added to the world's eBook collection with a mix of newly released titles including Frank Vine's North of the Master Solvers' Club, The Setting Trick by Ian McCance, Somehow We Landed in Six Notrump by David Bird, out-of-print books Around the World in 80 Hands by Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg's Bridge, Zia... and Me, free back issues of Canadian Masterpoint magazine, and many more. Software products, such as the interactive editions of Eddie Kantar's Advanced Bridge Defense and Modern Bridge Defense, are also available on the site for purchase and immediate download.

Linda Lee, co-owner of Master Point Press and the driving force behind the new focus on electronic publishing said, “We think that many people will enjoy reading ebooks in the future. They are generally less expensive, you can receive your purchase immediately without any shipping charges, carry thousands of books wherever you go and use features like hyperlinks and glossaries. In addition, you can never lose or damage your ebook because most publishers will let you re-download the book.”

Luise Lee, programmer and designer said, “I truly believe that electronic publishing is the wave of the future. Anyone can visit the site and always find the book they are looking for. An eBook is never out of stock, thereís no waiting in long lines or endlessly searching shelves at the bookstore, and in just a few clicks of a mouse the eBook pops up on the computer screen to be read instantly. And the best part is that we didnít have to cut down a single tree in the process.”

Master Point Press is continuing to convert all its titles to eBook format and expects to have most of them available for purchase before the end of the year. Future books will be published simultaneously in paper and eBook editions. The company will also offer some non-MPP titles for sale, with six software titles from Larry Cohen expected to be ready to go in the next few weeks. Linda Lee said, “I don’t expect eBooks to replace paper books but I do see them as an important addition to book media. People can have the choice of which type of book they would like to read.”

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