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MPP Dominates Best Bridge Book List

Monday, June 11, 2010 ľAs if you needed more proof that Master Point Press is a purveyor of the highest quality books on bridge! A recently compiled top ten list of recent bridge books has Master Point Press books occupying fully half of the list, and 75% of the notable mentions in several specialized categories.

Master Point Press is pleased to have featured prominently on ScoreCard editor and Denver Post bridge columnist Jared Johnson’s recently handpicked list of Best Bridge Books of the Decade.

In an article that was originally published in the February 14th and 21st editions of the newspaper, an overwhelming number of the books selected by Johnson are published by Master Point Press.

Our recognized titles include: Bobby Wolff’s The Lone Wolff, Eddie Kantar’s fifth and final edition of Roman Keycard Blackwood, and Danny Kleinman and Nick Straguzzi’s Human Bridge Errors. The list also includes the entirety of both the Test Your Bridge Technique and the Practice Your Bidding series.

Master Point Press books also received some notable mentions in special categories. Mike Lawrence’s The Complete Book of Overcalls at Contract Bridge was the best reprint, Mark Horton’s The Hands of Time gets the nod for best history of the game, and Barbara Seagram and David Bird’s 25 Ways to Be a Better Defender was selected as the best book on defense.

Eddie Kantar’s book Take All Your Chances At Bridge was also mentioned in a section on writers with whom “you can’t go wrong”, which also included Mike Lawrence and David Bird, who are also Master Point Press authors.

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