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The Lone Wolff

Autobiography of a Bridge Maverick

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by: Bobby Wolff

176pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-37-2

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Bobby Wolff has been there and seen it all, and here he describes his own life and career in bridge with honesty and emotion. As a multiple world champion, and former president of both the ACBL and the World Bridge Federation, no one is better placed to discuss the big issues that face the game of bridge today. He can talk authoritatively about players cheating at the top levels of the game, destructive bidding systems, sponsorship, professional players, and all the other big issues that others are afraid to talk about. As always, he is prepared to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

Bobby Wolff

Bobby Wolff (Las Vegas) is one of the all-time great American bridge players. He started winning world championships in the 1960s with the famous Dallas Aces. Since then he has accumulated 11 world titles, 10 silver and bronze medals in world competitions, and over 30 National titles. In 1994 Wolff was unanimously elected to the WBF Committee of Honour, and he is a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame. His 'Bridge with the Aces' column, which has been appearing daily for over 25 years, is syndicated in more than 130 newspapers worldwide and appears daily at


"A jolly good read, especially if you are familiar with the characters on the world bridge stage."

— Paul Marston, Australian Bridge

"There will be many ruffled feathers as a result of its publication, particularly from those who disagree with Wolff's interpretation of events. To me neither of these outcomes matter for we as outsiders will be enthralled by this book which is largely an insider's pull-no-punches account of life at the top in bridge by someone who genuinely has the good of our game in his heart. While the book has faults, such as its non-linear narrative it is still rated A++ because who doesn't love a good yarn?"

— ACBL Bulletin

"A highly personal memoir (in which) bridge giant Bobby Wolff bares his soul. He argues vehemently for the betterment of bridge, while exposing some of its worst shenanigans."

— The Bridge World

"I enjoyed this book wholeheartedly, and I recommend it strongly to all who are interested in an account of bridge over Wolff's lifetime."

— South Wales Evening Post

"More than just a personal survey of his life in bridge, it provides insights and observations on issues most won't touch. A revealing glimpse of a little-covered world of big-time bridge players."

— Mid-West Book Review

"The main thrust of this book is Wolff's opinion on how bridge ought to be: free from cheats; free from purely destructive bidding methods; free from misexplanations; free from timely hesitations that tell partner what to do; free from organizers who do not know and love the game; and free from appeals committees that rule based on the players involved, not the law. The books is interesting, and the reader is left with no doubt about Wolff's personality and opinions."

— The New York Times

"In all my years of reading and reviewing bridge books, I've encountered nothing as riveting and provocative as "The Lone Wolff," Bobby Wolff's new autobiography. Everyone with whom I have spoken has said 'I couldn't put it down'."

— Frank Stewart, L.A. Times

"Readers expecting a Harvey's hamburger (hot and juicy) will not be disappointed. Lots of stories from high level bridge, scandals and colorful characters will all be found here, sprinkled with a few inetersting bridge deals. Too bad this book is not longer. Whether you like Bobby or hate him, he remains the bridge personality of the 20th century and reading this book is a must for everyone interested in goings on behind the closed doors of high level bridge."

— George Retek

"The book is well written and beautifully produced. If you like reading about bridge politics and intrigue, cheating, professional play, sponsors, battling against beaurocracy and what can be done for the future of bridge, you will find it a very rewarding purchase."

— London Evening Standard

"Wolff take the reader on a roller-coaster ride, describing his early years of bridge playing, his time as a member of the first professional bridge team - the Dallas Aces, his reaction to some of the most notorious cheating scandals connected with the game, and his take on sponsorship and professional players. Reading his autobiography, bridge players will learn to admire him as he shares his up-close and personal knowledge of the history of the game, infusing it with his own honesty and candour."

— Belleville Intelligencer

BRIDGE: Reviewed - The Lone Wolf

— Gary Mugford, Mug Shots



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