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Go Ahead, Laugh!

Bridge Humor by Jude Goodwin

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by: Jude Goodwin

119pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-16-7

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Categories: Bridge Humor | General Interest | Canadian Authors

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Jude Goodwin's Table Talk cartoons have been appearing for more than 30 years in the American Contract Bridge League's Bulletin. They capture life the way it really is at the bridge table, whether you play in tournaments or with your family in the kitchen. Flip through the pages, and you'll see familiar situations, partners and opponents. And Jude will make you laugh at yourself for taking this game so seriously...

Jude Goodwin

Jude Goodwin is an illustrator, author, and graphic artist who lives in Squamish, BC, on Canada's west coast. She is webmaster for the Canadian Bridge Federation as well as editor of its magazine, Bridge Canada. She is well-known for her bridge cartoons, as well her illustrated book on bridge for children 'Teach me to Play'.


"A very nice book to browse - just as much for family members, who don't play bridge, as for us addicts."

— Anders Wirgren, Sweden

"This delightful collection will be enjoyed by bridge [players] of all levels. Each page brought smiles to my face as I encountered humorous situations that made me want to say 'Been there, did that! Know how that feels.' This book should help readers keep their perspective in remembering that bridge is still a game. It would make a terrific gift for partner's and bridge-playing friends."

— Dee Berry, American Bridge Teachers Association Quarterly

"Goodwin displays special insights into the working of the bridge player's mind. One of my favourites shows a prospective father waiting outside the maternity door of the hospital, holding three cigars in his hand and shouting, "Can you speed it up? Game time is in 20 minutes.

Several charaters make multiple appearances. Take young Sue, for instance, who, most of the time, is on the lookout for a smart, male partner. In a four-panel strip, Sue shows how bridge occupies the addict's mind in all aspects of her life - in bed, a the dinner table, and while diriving in her car. Curiously, at the bidge table the bubble above Sue's head had become completely blank.

All bridge players will recognize situations they have faced in their lives, either at the table, or away from the table while thinking about the game, or trying to explain this passion to friends and relatives.

This is the perfect book to take to the cottage and leave around for friends to browse through so that they can learn what form your addiciton takes. Their insight into your psyche will start with the alien from outer spac depicted on the front cover of the book. He has landed at a campground and is pointing to the human holding a deck of cards. He says to his UFO mate, "He wants to know if we play 'bridge'". Go ahead; laugh."

— Belleville Intelligencer

"After years of seeing bits and pieces of Goodwin's work in various magazines, it's great to finally have the whole collection in one place. Hopefully there is enough material in the pipeline for a sequel."

— Australian Bridge

"If you are a bridge player, you'll love having Goodwin's cartoons under one cover at last. The humor is dependent on an understanding of bridge basics, but such an audience will relish the zany moments and fun commentary embedded in these cartoons."

— Midwest Book Review



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