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Misplay These Hands With Me

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by: Mark Horton

192pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-28-0

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The late Terence Reese, perhaps the greatest bridge writer of all time, introduced the over-the-shoulder style of bridge writing in his classic Play These Hands with Me. In this wry homage to the master, Horton leads the reader through a plausibly logical line of play on each instructive deal, but one that ends in failure. In each post-mortem, the 'expert' realizes how he could have improved on his play, and (usually) have made his contract. The deals are all from top-class events, which prove to be a remarkably fertile source of such material. A book filled with subtle humor and great bridge.


Misplay with Me is the best written bridge book since Reese.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Charles Lipman

Mark Horton

MARK HORTON (UK) travels the world writing about bridge. Editor of BeBridge magazine and of the Daily Bulletins at World and European Championships, he is also the author of nine previous MPP titles. 


Regular readers of A New Bridge Magazine ands the ACBL BULletin will be familiar with Mark Horton’s 'Misplay These Hands' articles. If you’re not familiar with them, the clue is in the title: this is a collection of bridge hands where declarer has gone wrong. Part of the beauty is that these are all real-life examples from major tournaments, and so it is top-class declarers going wrong, offering both relief and encouragement to us lesser folk. You may be disappointed to hear that he (quite rightly of course) refrains from identifying the miscreants.  Another attraction is that they are all written in the dry style of the great Terence Reese, in particular his over the shoulder books, so we always get a little introduction to the setting where the deal occurred.  As a nice supplement to the full analysis and careful explanation of where declarer went wrong, there is usually a note of what happened at the other table(s) to complete the picture. All in all an enjoyable book, but also one we can all learn much from.

— A New Bridge Magazine    Date: 2019-10-30

"A refreshing approach to problems in card play. The dry English wit is in evidence and the book is an enjoyable and profitable read."

— The Bridge World

"Inspired by the familiar 'over the shoulder' style of his late, great countryman Terence Reese, Mark Horton injects Reese-like wit, British understatement and darn good bridge into Misplay These Hands With Me. A very good read - and just in time for Christmas!"

— The National Post



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