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Improve Your Bidding Judgment

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by: Neil Kimelman

384pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-29-7

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Bridge players are taught numerous rules to help them make good bidding decisions, rules that involve things like point count, losing trick count, the Law of Total Tricks and a host of other evaluation methods. But eventually everyone discovers that there are more situations where these rules don't apply than where they do. This book fills a gap in bridge literature by discussing how to make decisions in the bidding, especially in competitive auctions. Think about your own game. Are you sure you know when it's right to be aggressive and when to pull back? When to bid on and when to double the opponents? When to push forward for a slam and when to be content with reaching game? This book goes through the factors you need to be aware of in your hand and in the bidding around you (partner's and the opponents') that will help you get these decisions right more often. Filled with real-life examples, practical advice and helpful quizzes, this book will help any reader become a better bidder.

Neil Kimelman

Neil Kimelman (Winnipeg) is a Canadian expert who plans to play much more top-level bridge after his forthcoming retirement.


"As the author rightly points out, bidding is where you win and lose at bridge. This concurs with what one of the Italian Blue Team said: the average player would have more chance of making the right contract than he would of making the wrong one.
I found myself in agreement with the author on almost everything he said, not just the principles (he gives a total of 26 tips) but on the actual example hands. There was the odd disagreement in the more complex situations but bridge experts are almost as famous as actuaries are in disagreeing with one another!
Overall the book does exactly what it says on the cover - helps you improve your bidding judgment. Unless you are a multiple world champion, you are almost certain to learn something from read it. What are you waiting for?"

— Julian Pottage

"[This] book on partnership skills ranks among the finest efforts on the topic I have seen. As he says in the preface: This book is all about the thinking that is needed to make good bidding decisions, which will also make life easier for your partner."

— Brian Pauls, Winnipeg Free Press

"Great advice delivered in easily comprehensible form and backed by well-chosen examples. These 200 pages will definitely improve your bridge and make you a tougher opponent. This book is far too easy to get in the opinion of those who prefer softer opponents!"

— The National Post

"Intermediate through advanced students and their teachers will benefit from this well-written book by a first-time author. He has an easy-reading style, real-life example hands, and many humorous or pointed bridge quotes. A complete lesson course could easily be taught with this book as the textbook."

— American Bridge Teachers' Association

"Most of the advice represents a mainstream scientific approach to bidding; some reflects the authors' personal preferences. He covers many common (and not-so-common) areas of bidding and encapsulates key points in tips."

— The Bridge World

"This book is aimed at good players. A good technique (bidding, play and defence) is assumed throughout, but for those who are prepared to study the material there is a lot here that will help to develop your bidding judgement — and, as the author says, 'Bidding is where you win or lose at bridge'."

— BRIDGE Magazine



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