Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge - $25.95 USD - ISBN: 978-1-894154-53-6 - from Master Point Press, the Bridge Publisher
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Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge

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by: Eddie Kantar

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240pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-53-6

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Kantar's two-book series on Bridge Defense ( Modern Bridge Defense and Advanced Bridge Defense) won an ABTA Book of the Year Award in 1999. This new book addresses a more popular topic, using a similar approach. While not a comprehensive treatment of declarer play at bridge, this book deals with specific topics exhaustively, and will be invaluable to the improving player: finesses (when and how to take them, and equally importantly, when to avoid taking them), endplays, eliminations, issues with entries, suit establishment, and counting.

Designed to be used by bridge teachers, or by students learning on their own, this book like its predecessors contains a host of features that help the student to grasp the material: clearly laid-out concepts, margin notes, practice hands, chapter-end quizzes, key-point summaries at regular intervals, and an index.

Kantar's various beginner books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, not least because of his unique writing style and the humor that he introduces into the learning process.

Eddie Kantar

Eddie Kantar (Santa Monica, CA) is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers in the world. A winner of two World Championships, and a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame, his many books include Modern Bridge Defense, Advanced Bridge Defense, the hilarious Kantar on Kontract, and of course, Roman Keycard Blackwood. His work appears regularly in many bridge magazines around the world.


'Cleverly organized, pleasantly written. Explicitly recognizing that one cannot cover the vast territory of declarer play in one book, the author concentrates on a few basic areas and teaches how to think about them (for example, not just how to finesse but, more importantly, when and why). A top-notch work of its kind.'

— The Bridge World

'Three years after writing the most comprehensive book on defensive play ever, Kantar now turns his attention to declarer play, with the same ease and humour which have made him one of the most popular bridge authors and teachers of today. Like the predecessor (also published by Master Point Press), Kantar is addressing the ordinary bridge players who need to better their play technique. And he does that not by discussing all various techniques the declarer might have to use, but by concentrating on six important themes, which he discusses in depth. Recommended.'

— Anders Wirgren, Sweden

'Excellent text on declarer play.'

— The Denver Post

'I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. The presentation is immaculate, and the book is worth every penny. I expect it to appeal as much to teachers seeking a course book for lessons on declarer play as to student who wish to study by themselves.'

— Bridge Plus magazine

'Eddie Kantar's latest book proves why teachers and those who want to improve their game consider him one of the best, if not the best, writer of bridge texts. As is a trade mark of all Kantar books the practice or illustration hands are outstanding. It is a pleasure to give this book two "thumbs up, way up" to steal a phrase from a famous movie reviewer. '

— American Bridge Teachers Association Quarterly

'Six superb chapters by a master writer and teacher - numerous excellent examples, and Eddie's famous gentle humor.The last topic, endplays, is covered so simply and easily that one will wonder why other writers make this topic so difficult.It's a pleasure to give this book 'two thumbs up - way up!'

— American Bridge Teachers' Association



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