Roman Keycard Blackwood, 5th ed. - $23.95 USD - ISBN: 978-1-897106-35-8 - from Master Point Press, the Bridge Publisher
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Roman Keycard Blackwood, 5th ed.

The Final Word

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Eddie Kantar

244pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-35-8

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This is the fifth (and according to the author, the very last - but don't hold your breath!) edition of what is acknowledged to be the definitive book on a convention that every serious player uses. Completely revised and updated from the previous version, this newest version contains even more leading-edge ideas, and is full of examples, quizzes and practice hands. A must for the tournament player.

Includes, among many other features:

  • Why you should play 1430 and 3014 RKB responses, and when
  • The extensions of RKB: the queen ask, the specific king ask, and more
  • How to handle voids, as asker or responder
  • RKB in minor-suit auctions
  • 60 practice hands for you to bid with your favorite partner

This is the only book that explains every facet of one of the most popular conventions in modern bridge.

Eddie Kantar

Eddie Kantar (Santa Monica, CA) is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers in the world. A winner of two World Championships, and a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame, his many books include Modern Bridge Defense, Advanced Bridge Defense, the hilarious Kantar on Kontract, and of course, Roman Keycard Blackwood. His work appears regularly in many bridge magazines around the world.


An indispensable book for every partnership that wants to get full profits from RKB.

— R. van de Velde    Date: 2013-04-23

If your partnership uses RKB, this is the book to polish it. Kantar never claims it to be complete—an impossible task. Still, his praiseworthy work is as good as it gets.

— Turkish Bridge Magazine    Date: 2011-10-20

"Everything you need to improve your RKB bidding is in the book. Just be sure your partner has a copy too."

— ACBL Bulletin

"Kantar has produced a virtual Bible for Roman keycard fans."

— American Bridge Teachers' Association

"A masterpiece of sorts — hundreds of examples of slam auctions, most quite brilliant."

— The Bridge World

"The definitive book on the subject. Pick and choose what you adopt, and don't be afraid to reject some of the rest."

— BRIDGE magazine



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