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It's Your Call

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by: Marshall Miles

192pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-57-0

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For about 25 years, Marshall Miles was the moderator of an all-star bidding panel for a California bridge publication. This book is a compilation of his favorite bidding problems from those years, together with the panel's views and Miles' own trenchant comments. As ever, he is prepared to go his own way; he refuses, for example, to assign scores to various bids on the grounds that he wasn't going to give himself 20/100 when he knew his answer was right, even if no one on the panel agreed with him! A bonus section includes Miles' latest thoughts and recommendations on a number of cutting-edge bidding ideas.

Marshall Miles

Marshall Miles (1926-2013), who was a leading theorist on bidding, authored many books on bridge, including the all-time classic How to Win at Duplicate Bridge. His long and successful playing career includes a World Senior Teams Championship in 2004. He was one of the oldest players to win the World Senior championship and won several North American Championships.


"The reader will find himself alternatively cheering the author's nonconformist style or shaking his head at Miles' idiosyncratic views. Either way, Miles forces the reader to think. By the time you finish this work, you will have a reluctance to treat any bid as automatic or routine." A

— ACBL Bulletin

"A strong and highly recommended read."

— The MidWest Book Review

"The reader is well advised to consider [Miles'] ideas carefully, especially his thoughtful comments on the issue of captaincy, an idea seldom considered in bidding textbooks. By the end of the book, the reader will have had ample opportunity to improve his bidding judgment by comparing his choices with those of the experts."

— Belleville Intelligencer



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