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Win The Bermuda Bowl With Me

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by: Jeff Meckstroth      Marc Smith

256pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-33-8

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An over-the-shoulder look at the thought processes of one of the world's best players as Jeff Meckstroth takes the reader through the highs and lows of winning the Bermuda Bowl - the world teams championship. Written in the style of Terence Reese's classic Play Bridge with Reese, this book gives readers a chance to make their own decisions at critical stages in each deal, and compare their solutions with the authors. The narrative does not follow any specific world championship event, but all the deals are ones that Meckstroth actually played in Bermuda Bowl competition.

Jeff Meckstroth

Jeff Meckstroth is one of only eight players in the history of the game to have collected all three jewels in bridge's Triple Crown: the World Open Pairs, the Bermuda Bowl, and the World Teams Olympiad. He has also won literally dozens of North American championship titles. He lives in Tampa, Florida, and his partnership with Eric Rodwell is generally considered to be the world’s best.


Marc Smith

Marc Smith (Southampton, UK) is the author, with Barbara Seagram, of the world's best-selling bridge book in the past sixty years, 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know. He has written many other bridge books and played successfully in several international championships. He is a popular online bridge teacher, conducting many classes at all levels of play.


'Unless you've actually done it, it's impossible to understand what it feels like to play in the Bermuda Bowl - that is until now'

— Zia Mahmood

'This is a book people will still want to read many years from now!'

— Paul Soloway, World Champion

'Jeff explains the game as well as he plays it. Need I say more?'

— Larry Cohen

'Asides by Meckstroth on technical, tactical, and psychological issues are interspersed regularly throughout the book and they lift a very good book to a new level.'

— ACBL Bulletin

'The style is easy to understand, but the best part is the insight into the way Meckstroth's mind works.'

— Cleveland Plain Dealer



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