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Thinking on Defense

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by: Jim Priebe      foreword by Eric Kokish

192pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-37-6

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Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Defense | Canadian Authors

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Defense is the most difficult part of bridge, and for most players, the hardest part of defense is figuring out what to do. In this book, the reader is shown step-by-step how to visualize declarer's cards from the bidding and play, and then how to use this information to form a plan for the defense. This book is based on Jim Priebe's popular articles 'Visualization on Defense' which appeared in the ACBL Bulletin in early 2001.

Jim Priebe

Jim Priebe (Toronto, Canada) is a retired business executive who now enjoys golf, bridge, and writing. An expert bridge player, he has represented Canada in world championship competition and is a former president of the Canadian Bridge Federation. As well as books on technical aspects of the game, Jim is author of a series of popular mysteries featuring bridge-playing detective Art Fraser.


Eric Kokish

ERIC KOKISH (Canada), an ACBL and CBF Hall-of-Famer, and four-time WBF open medalist, has made his mark as a player, coach, analyst, consultant, editor, columnist and author. He lives in Toronto with his wife Beverly Kraft.


From the foreword: “First books by unknown authors are often unappreciated by the bridge community, but it would be a mistake to pass this one up. Invest some time and effort and read what Jim has to say. Doing so will improve not only your defense, as well as your partner’s, but will also elevate your appreciation and respect for the game to a level that you may have forgotten or might not yet have considered.”

— Eric Kokish

"This super book does just what the title suggests, as it shows you what to think about, and how to organize your thoughts when defending a hand."

— BRIDGE magazine



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