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Leading Questions in Bridge

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by: Sally Brock

192pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-18-1

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Categories: Intermediate | Defense

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Perhaps more points are won and lost on the opening lead than at any other time in a bridge hand. With only the bidding and his own thirteen cards as guidance, the opening leader must make a decision that has the potential, at one stroke, to determine the outcome of the play for better or worse. In this book, a top player and writer takes the reader through the questions that need to be asked before selecting an opening lead: whether to be active or passive, whether to lead partner's suit or your own, whether to lead trumps or not, whether to try a deceptive lead, and so on. These and many other issues are covered in an approachable book aimed at the player who wants to improve a key aspect of his game.

Sally Brock

Sally Brock, who lives in High Wycombe, England, won her third world championship title in Beijing, in October 2008. She has written and/or edited a number of books, and is the bridge correspondent for the London Sunday Times.


"A very easy-to-read book which, if absorbed, should improve the rate of success of our opening leads in quick time; well worth a close look."

— BRIDGE Magazine

"A valuable contribution to opening-lead education. The author helpfully bombards the reader with questions that one should be asking before leading; she emphasizes whether to stay passive or get active, and offers thoughtful answers."

— The Bridge World

"Perfect for any collection catering to serious bridge players."

— Mid-West Book Review

"I strongly recommend this book for those intermediate players who are on their way to becoming experts."

— Toemooi Bridge (Netherlands)

"An exceptionally helpful book - an asset for students and players through the intermediate level. A goldmine of practical tips."

— ABTA Quarterly

"A highly thought-provoking book on the single most significant aspect of the game - the opening lead. Leading Questions in Bridge endeavours to answer nine of the most frequently asked questions regarding the opening lead, including should I lead 'fourth highest of my longest and strongest', should I lead partner's suit and should I lead trump.

Brock confesses that there are no hard and fast rules to determine the answers to the questions she raises in each chapter. The strength of her book comes from the subsidiary questions that she suggests you ask yourself in each case before making the opening lead.

Although Brock has obviously chosen hands which fit the lesson of each chapter, I did not feel that the opening lead was chosen to fit a particular result; rather, I think Brock chose her examples well to illustrate the principles and the thought process she was teaching."

— The Belleville Intelligencer

"People sometimes ask me what quality I most seek in a potential partner. Is it someone who bids soundly? Is it someone who handles the dummy well? I reckon the best test of a player's ability is their skill and success of their opening leads. By this measure Sally Brock has passed with flying colours. She tackles the subject in a wide variety of situations, each with a point of interest. In the entire book there may be only one hand on which she did not convince me that her choice was correct.

The author paces the book brilliantly, maintaining the reader's interest throughout, while explaining each point in sufficient detail to make it stick. I can think of three or four other books on opening leads and this is one of the best, if not the best. The book is labelled as suitable for intermediate players but, in truth, many experienced players would also pick up some useful ideas."

— Julian Pottage

"Covers all aspects of opening leads and answers all the important questions."

— The Denver Post



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