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Cuebidding at Bridge

A Modern Approach

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by: Ken Rexford      foreword by Brent Manley

216pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-17-4

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Everyone knows that control-showing bids are the expert route to slam, but it is remarkable hard to find a comprehensive treatment of this vital area of the game. Until now, that is. This is an exhaustive work, covering a lot of territory. The average reader won't agree with everything he reads - and it would be a mammoth undertaking to try and adopt it all - but it will get them thinking about their bidding and offer many ways to improve it. After all, bridge is the ultimate game for thinkers. This book fills an important gap in the literature of bridge for serious players.

Ken Rexford

KEN REXFORD (Ohio) is a bridge player with 30 years of tournament experience. His first book, Cuebidding at Bridge: a modern approach, and his blog,, introduced the bridge world to a modern approach to Italian cuebidding. His second book, A New Approach to Strong Twos, promoted a new method for bidding with extremely strong hands.


Brent Manley

Brent Manley (Memphis, TN) is a professional bridge journalist. He has been editor of the ACBL Bulletin for many years, and regularly leads the Daily Bulletin team at World and European championships.


This is a fascinating little gem, that appears to have gotten much less recognition and praise than it deserves. Ken Rexford has done a superb job of laying down "the basics" of enhanced Italian style cue bidding, and on top of that has built a comprehensive structure for advanced (dedicated) partnerships that are willing to go beyond the basics. Bear in mind, this is not for casual partnerships, as they involve logical but rather elaborate relay and response structures. These structures are mostly geared towards 2/1 GF systems, but can easily be adopted to any other system. Slam bidding has never been so much fun!

— Tom Breur "data geek"    Date: 2015-04-09

Control-bidding is arguably the most neglected aspect of the bidding theory in bridge literature, and this is a most welcome addition in this respect. The author presents lots of original and provocative ideas. You may or may not agree with everything that he has to offer, but I can guarantee that your partnership will benefit a great deal if even you don\'t—it will make you think about your system.

— Ercan Cem, Turkish Bridge World Magazine    Date: 2011-06-15

"The principles underlying (some of the author's) suggestions should be considered by all serious partnerships."

— The Bridge World

"A fascinating, of very complex and difficult, book! Recommended to theoreticians, and to partnerships that seriously want to improve their high-level bidding."

— BRIDGE Magazine

"There is much to like about this book, and many good new ideas are introduced. For bidding theorists and those in well-established partnerships looking for a better mousetrap, this book will rate an A."

— ACBL Bulletin

"Most people know what cue-bids are, and that this is a method which most experienced players use in the slam bidding. In spite of that, relatively little is written about cuebids and how they best are used. Therefore, it is not surprising that experts often disagree, and that well-tuned partnerships often have misunderstandings. Ken Rexford's book is both an attempt to clear things up and to try and improve on the methods which are popular today. But if you expect to have a review of old truths, you will be surprised. Here, you'll find lots of new ideas - some clever, some more doubtful."

— Anders Wirgren, Sweden

"There is plenty of food for thought here, and whether you implement a few of the ideas or none at all, the book is likely to lead to a greater understanding of control bidding and some new directions on how to improve your existing system."

— Australian Bridge

"This book is for advanced players and includes complex, expert types of agreements. However, even for a less ambitious reader, the topics covere provide a useful outline of different situations everyone needs to cover in their system agreements."

— Bridge Today

“Cuebidding At Bridge: A Modern Approach by Ken Rexford is a more traditional offering that covers a topic that does not get a great deal of exposure. This book fills an important gap in the literature of bridge for the serious player.”

— The Cleveland Plain Dealer



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