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Master Class

Lessons from the Bridge Table

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Fred Gitelman

287pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-01-3

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Imagine sitting beside a world-class bridge player and being able to listen to his thoughts as each hand develops... you can help but improve your own game! Every hand in this fascinating book comes from actual play; many of them are taken from the author's own experience in world-level competition. Fred Gitelman believes that there is something to be learned from every bridge hand, whether you are a novice or an expert, and he proves it here. Just as fascinating as the bridge, however, are Fred's observations on his partners and opponents, who range from world champions to famous amateurs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Fred Gitelman

Fred Gitelman (Las Vegas) has a trophy case full of world championship medals, many of them earned playing for his native Canada. He is known throughout the world as a leading designer and producer of bridge software, while his web site, Bridge Base Online, is the most popular bridge-playing site on the Net.


"Advanced, but well worth the effort. The pictures used throughout and anecdotes about personalities in the bridge world add to the book's interest."

— American Bridge Teahers Association

"A great book for the connoisseur. Highly recommended."

— Frank van Wezel, Netherlands

"All intermediate or better payers will find something to learn about how the experts do it, and how you can think and play like one too."

— Australian Bridge

"A super book."

— Bridge Today

"This is a fascinating book for strong intermediate players or better that will definitely improve the reader's dummy play. A."

— ACBL Bulletin

"In a clear, careful and concise style, Gitelman guides the reader through many difficult deals against some of the world's finest players. The text is enlivened with many anecdotes or comments about the participants. Gitelman's conversational style makes the reader feel very comfortable.

I was particularly impressed to see that the last deal came from the recent United States team trials, an event won by Gitelman's team. Not often do you see such recent deals in book form."

— Belleville Intelligencer

"All the deals are interesting, with many personal touches."

— International Bridge Press Association

"If he can teach bridge to a computer, he can teach bridge to you. These are not constructed lesson hands, these are from real life, and you will learn a lot from them."

— The Denver Post



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