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Bridge Problems for a New Millennium

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Julian Pottage

256pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-28-4

Cost in Canadian Dollars  $19.95        Cost in Cost in US Dollars  $17.95        Cost in Cost in UK Pounds  £10.95

Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Declarer Play | Defense | Problems & Puzzles

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About the Book

In this quiz book, British author Julian Pottage has compiled a set of challenges that will test the reader's ability both as declarer and on defense. The hands are organized by theme, so readers are able to concentrate on a particular aspect of card-play if they wish.

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About the Author

Julian Pottage

Wales) is best known as a bridge problem constructor, and his many awards include IBPA Book of the Year. His most recent book for MPP was Defend or Declare?


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Critics’ Viewpoint

"A splendid book!"

— Evening Standard

"I liked the problems in this book, and found them set at exactly the right level - taxing but not ridiculously difficult."

— The Mail on Sunday

“Worth a place on any enthusiast’s bookshelf.”

— The New York Times

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