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A Study in Silver

A second collection of bridge stories

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: David Silver

128pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-0-969846-15-4

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Categories: Bridge Humor | Bridge Fiction | Canadian Authors

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This is a second collection of humorous bridge stories from the author of Tales out of School. This time Silver turns his satirical eye on the classics of film and literature: Sherlock Holmes, Moby Dick, and even Dracula cannot escape involvement in Professor Silver's adventures. As always, a wide selection of fascinating bridge hands makes the stories even more enjoyable.

David Silver

David Silver (1935-2017) is known for his hilarious tales of life as an educator, and for literary classics retold in a bridge setting. For more than twenty years, his wickedly witty bridge writings have appeared in the page of such publications as The New York Times, the ACBL Bulletin, The Kibitzer, and Canadian Master Point. 


"If you ever read David Silver's work, you won't have any trouble distinguishing it. The next collection can't come too soon."

— Bob Sievers, NetReviews

"Sometimes a good first effort turns out to have been the pinnacle of the author's literary acheivement, but this new book reinforces my opinions from reading the first, and really makes me look forward to reading the next!"

— BRIDGE magazine

"An ideal gift for any bridge-playing relative."

— Bridge Plus magazine

"Every bridge book by David Silver has a golden lining."

— The Toronto Star



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