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The Weak Notrump

How to play it, how to play against it

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by: Andy Stark

200pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-69-7

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All North American players are taught to play using a strong notrump, but that is not the way of the rest of the world. Even in North America, weak notrump systems, or even Kamikaze notrump systems, are becoming more common. This book discusses the advantages and disadvantages of playing a system with a weaker notrump opening, and shows how the 1NT range impacts the rest of the bidding system. Even those who have no interest in converting to a weak notrump range still need to know how to play against weak notrump systems. For them, the book includes advice on effective competitive methods.

Andy Stark

Andy Stark (Toronto, Canada) is a bridge player by avocation and an ESL teacher by profession. He is an expert player, whose wins include the Grand National Teams Championship.


"If you are on the lookout for new methods, you won't find much here. The methods discussed are well known, but if you want to know how the weak notrump works and how it influences your system in large, this book has much to offer."

— Anders Wirgren, Sweden

<p><em>\"Stark deals with all aspects of this opening bid - how to develop a bidding structure after your side opens the weak notrump, what to do when the opponents intervene, and how using the weak notrump affects the rest of your system. Stark offers alternatives at each stage showing you what you will gain from the different methods. If you are interested in different bidding structures or if you have ever wondered how to combat the opponents\' weak notrump opening bids, you will find Stark\'s book an interesting and worthwhile read.\"</em></p>

— The Belleville Intelligencer

"At last! A concise, well-written book on the weak notrump and its cousin the mini-notrump - and defending against them."

— American Bridge Teachers Association



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