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Modified Italian Canapé System

An Honors eBook

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Ken Rexford

240pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-55494-750-8

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In this book, Ken Rexford introduces the strong club relay system with canapé bidding that he played successfully for years. His approach is novel, but it is also one that is easy to learn and play. Most importantly, the entire system fits within the ACBL General Convention Chart. As with his first book, Cuebidding At Bridge, Ken Rexford spends much time explaining the theory and thinking behind canapé sequences, so that the reader will understand the approach rather than simply memorizing a list of conventions.

The author also includes a basic scheme for converting your system from Precision to Canapé, or even from Standard all the way to Canapé , all in easy steps. For those who are intrigued but intimidated by Canapé, this extra material should help to ease the transition.

Ken Rexford

KEN REXFORD (Ohio) is a bridge player with 30 years of tournament experience. His first book, Cuebidding at Bridge: a modern approach, and his blog,, introduced the bridge world to a modern approach to Italian cuebidding. His second book, A New Approach to Strong Twos, promoted a new method for bidding with extremely strong hands.


Rexford has extracted the best of the Roman and Blue Club Systems and added lots of tweaks of his own to make a complete, integrated system that fits with General Convention Chart Rules. He is a theorist first, therefore this is not an easy read.. but who says bridge is an easy game? This book makes you think. Have been having great results playing MICS and still have lots to learn.

— Nancy Chorpita on    Date: 2012-04-12

"This simplified strong-club, canapé system makes good reading for any system freak."

— Anders Wirgren, Sweden



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