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Bridge Squeezes for Everyone

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by: David Bird

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384pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-42-0

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Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Declarer Play

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Did you always think squeezes were too difficult? Or perhaps you know the basics but now you want to learn about more complex and advanced squeeze positions? If you fit either of these categories, or even if you just want to improve your understanding of an important aspect of declarer play, this book is for you.

David Bird

David Bird (Southampton, UK) is the world's most prolific bridge writer, with 150 bridge books to his name. Known for the clarity of his writing and explanations, he has won the American Bridge Teachers' Association Book of the Year Award a record nine times. His celebrated humorous fiction series, featuring the cantankerous Abbot, has run for over 45 years.


"David Bird understands that the subject is scary to much of his potential audience. Attentive readers will, however, lose their squeeze anxiety - guaranteed. He is such a smooth writer that once you get into the book, the topic seems elementary, at least in the discussions of the less-complicated squeezes. Most of the discussion is aimed at helping the reader see and execute a squeeze when the opportunity presents itself in actual play. Each chapter is enhanced with examples of squeezes executed by famous players in high-level competitions. These nearly justify the price of the book on their own. This book should be on the shelf of all serious players."

— ACBL Bulletin

"In his engaging, economical style, the author explains the ideas in an easy-to-understand way, avoiding the terminological mire that has made some previous works tough going. The emphasis is on practical considerations rather than theoretical interest."

— The Bridge World

"This book deserves to become the classic on the subject. It is outstanding and highly recommended."

— The ABCL Bulletin

"The most readable book ever produced on a topic that alarms many."

— The New York Times

"Bird does a great job illustrating the various kinds of squeezes."

— Bridge Today Digest

"This book manages to do extremely well the thing that most previous books on squeezes have not done, and that is to take the mystery out of this part of the game. A terrific book."

— BRIDGE magazine



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