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We Love the Majors

An Honors eBook

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Mary Ann Dufresne      Marion Ellingsen

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268pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-55494-753-9

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Want to learn to play bridge? Let Mary Ann Dufresne and Marion Ellingsen get you started. You won't find a clearer, simpler presentation of the basic guidelines. Plus, the authors tell you all about their winning bridge strategy: bid a major whenever you can!

Unlike many beginner books, We Love the Majors doesn't oversimplify the game for ease of consumption. This is an honest presentation of the modern game complexities and all but expressed in terms everyone can understand and apply.

Want to teach beginning bridge? You couldn't ask for a better student text. Students and teachers will find hundreds of examples, homework to test student knowledge and practice deals to play. The book includes an introduction to Stayman, transfers, and modern guidelines for competitive bidding. When looking for the right bid, We Love the Majors!

Bridge teachers may also be interested in purchasing the Teacher's Manual for We Love The Majors.

Mary Ann Dufresne

MARY ANN DUFRESNE (Florida) is a retired U.S. government project manager. She lives in Weeki Wachee — mermaid country — with her beloved menagerie of furry dependents, and is a full-time bridge teacher.


Marion Ellingsen

MARION ELLINGSEN (Florida) is a retired school teacher who couldn't resist introducing her third graders to basic bridge. She lives in Spring Hill with her beloved husband, Art.


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5heart rating

This book is AMAZING!! Definitely the best book ever for learning or teaching bridge! It is written in a clear, well-organized, and easy to understand format. I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in learning bridge!

Reviewer: Kathy Woods    Date: 2010-04-12



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