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Defensive Signaling at Bridge

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by: David Bird

64pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-63-1

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Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Defense

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The author begins this thorough discussion of a neglected but vital topic by examining the real purpose of defensive signalling, and the basic kinds of signals that are available. He goes on to recommend a comprehensive set of signalling agreements, and analyzes more complex situations in the light of these agreements.

Most of the chapters are followed by a quiz, and the answer to each signalling problem includes a full 52-card diagram to demonstrate the effectiveness of the recommended signal. The book finishes with a chapter that looks at the signalling methods of eight world-class pairs, with examples of their methods in action.

A book any player who is looking to improve will want to read.

David Bird

David Bird (Southampton, UK) is the world's most prolific bridge writer, with 150 bridge books to his name. Known for the clarity of his writing and explanations, he has won the American Bridge Teachers' Association Book of the Year Award a record nine times. His celebrated humorous fiction series, featuring the cantankerous Abbot, has run for over 45 years.


Anything with David Bird’s name on it is likely to be relevant, well-written and purposeful. And so it is with his latest offering. Rating: A.

— ACBL Bulletin    Date: 2011-11-02

The book is not for experts, but is recommended to those who want to set a few more contracts than they manage to beat without agreements.

— Jon Sveindal, Norway

"Should at the top of your 'must-read' list for 2011. A wonderful summary of basic modern defensive carding with lots of really good examples to help with comprehension and implementation, this book is destined to sit on serious players' bookshelves as a seminal work on the subject."

— National Post

"A great addendum to Bird’s list of more than 100 books."

— American Bridge Teachers Association



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