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Positive Declarer Play at Bridge

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by: Terence Reese      Julian Pottage

160pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-94-9

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This book was originally published in 1985, and in this new edition is substantially revised and expanded. It is a collection of bridge problems designed to teach players how to think along the right lines at the bridge table. Anyone who absorbs even a fraction of the ideas presented here will himself be making contracts that might have been defeated, and defeating contracts that might have been made.

Terence Reese

Terence Reese (August 28, 1913 — January 29, 1996) was a British bridge player and writer and was regarded as one of the finest of all time in both fields. He was born in Epsom to middle-class parents and was educated at Bradfield College and New College, Oxford. As a bridge player, Reese won every honour in the game, including the European Championship four times (1948, 1949, 1954, 1963) and the Bermuda Bowl in 1955. He was World Pair champion in 1961 and placed second in the World Teams Olympiad in 1960 and the World Open Pairs in 1962. He also represented Britain in the 1960 Olympiad, the Bermuda Bowl of 1965, and in five other European Championships. He won the Gold Cup, the premier British domestic competition, on eight occasions. Reese last played international bridge in the 1970 European Championship, but his career as a bridge writer continued unabated.


Julian Pottage

Wales) is best known as a bridge problem constructor, and his many awards include IBPA Book of the Year. His most recent book for MPP was Defend or Declare?


"A problem collection with Reese's name on it is almost always high quality. Pottage is no slouch himself, producing some of the best collections in recent years. The grade is A-."

— Ron Garber

"In 1986, Terence Reese teamed with Julian Pottage, the a junior international, to produce two books: Positive Declarer Play at Bridge and Positive Defense at Bridge. Some twenty years later, Pottage, now one of the world's best creators of bridge problems, as revised and expanded these two works. The deals still contain Reese's acerbic wit, but Pottage has fille in some gaps that were left in the original analyses.

Some of the problems in these books are quite difficult, but one expects that of Terence Reese material. The true benefit comes from reading and understanding the analysis of each problem. Many deals cannot be completely solved at the problem stage. The reader will reach a certain stage in his or her analysis and them must turn the page to solve the entire problem."

— Belleville Intelligencer

"Realistic, difficult problems. Our sometimes finicky review rated them excellent."

— The Bridge World

"I felt Reese's influence more strongly here than in the matching volume on defence. Once again, the problems are commendably realistic and give you a good chance of finding the solution. This book has a good feel to it, with plenty of instructive deals. I am happy to commend it to you."

— Bridge Plus Magazine

"The book contains an excellent selection of problems with a real-life feel about them."

— Evening Standard, London



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