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Bridge Without a Partner

An Honors eBook

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Ken Eichenbaum

128pp | ISBN 978-1-55494-757-7

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Welcome to Wonderland

In this bridge novel, Friday, a bridge professional, inherits Zelda, an enigmatic student, from another professional. Although warned about her lack of ability, he nonetheless chooses to accept the challenge of helping her to become a life master.

Marvel at Zelda’s inventiveness, follow her development at Friday’s guiding hand, but most of all, enjoy their wacky adventures.

This is a treat you cannot afford to miss.

Ken Eichenbaum

Ken Eichenbaum (Ohio) has been playing duplicate bridge since 1968 and has won numerous regional titles, including the 1987 State of Ohio pairs championship. He has been a guest lecturer at many regionals. Previous works include Bridge Without a Partner, Keys to Winning Defense, and two stage plays, The Wizard of Odds and Annie Count Your Trumps, both of which have been performed at Bridge Week in Pasadena.


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5heart rating

Ken Eichenbaum's BRIDGE WITHOUT A PARTNER is by far the most hilarious bridge book I have ever read. Take small idiosyncrasies we all face, especially in an "unbalanced partnership," and explode this to the extreme, and you have BWAP. Kit Woolsey calls this his favorite bridge book ever, for good reason.

Reviewer: Kenneth Rexford    Date: 2011-03-09



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