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The Complete Pub Trivia Night Book

by: Peter Mathieson

320pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-0-969846-17-8

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NTN and other trivia games are increasing in popularity as pub pastimes. But you don't have to go out to a pub to enjoy a trivia night. Everything you'll need from questions to pub grub recipes, is right here.

How many of these questions can you answer? (Answers given below)

  1. What colour bottle do good Rhine wines come in?
  2. Which company wondered "Where's the beef?"
  3. What breed of dog was the Littlest Hobo?
  4. Name Sherlock Holmes' older, smarter brother.
  5. What is the principal ingredient of marzipan?
  6. In what 1944 film did Raymond Massey star as Jonathan Brewster?
  7. What is a "close encounter of the first kind"?
  8. Name Sergeant Preston of the Yukon's canine sidekick.
  9. What is measured using a sphygmometer?
  10. What do you do on a Monday night?

If you had trouble with Question 10, here's a book that will solve your problem! Peter Mathieson's The Complete Pub Trivia Night Book.

Team trivia is the latest craze to hit big for those who are getting too old for pickup basketball, but aren't ready to be couch potatoes yet.

  • It's more fun than NTN computerized Trivia
  • It's less aggravating than Trivial Pursuit
  • It's a great way to meet new people!

In Toronto, where this book originates, there are four full-time pub trivia leagues operating, one of which has more than 40 teams! Every Monday night (the slowest night in most bars), teams of five players meet at various pubs in the city and take part in trivia quiz matches against other teams. At the end of each three-month season, everyone gets together for a final banquet and awards night, based on team and individual performances.

But you don't have to be part of a formal league to enjoy team trivia -- it's something you can do at home with a few friends.

The Complete Pub Trivia Night Book includes:

How the game works: The rules and scoring, sample scoresheets, and advice on how to be a good Quizmaster: "The purpose of the game is for everyone to have a good time". For the truly ambitious, there are detailed instructions on how to set up, organize, and run your own successful trivia league.

Question bank: 1500 trivia questions (and answers!) on a variety of topics, which will provide more than 40 hours of fun. All these questions have been tested in actual league play.

Rolling your own: Mathieson offers advice from long experience on how to make up trivia questions ("It's very easy to make them too difficult, but almost impossible to make them too easy" is one of his maxims), how to use the trivia questions in the book to run your own games, how to create audio questions, how to make up good question sets on current events and local topics, and much more.

Pub Grub recipes: As a good host, you'll want to provide something for your guests to nibble on during the game. The book includes easy-to-prepare but mouth-watering snacks that are favorites in the pubs of Toronto's trendy Beaches/Danforth area, where Mathieson's trivia league runs.

Answers from above:

  1. Brown
  2. Wendy's
  3. German Shepherd or Alsatian
  4. Mycroft Holmes
  5. Almonds
  6. North By Northwest
  7. Sighting a UFO
  8. Yukon King
  9. Blood Pressure
  10. Play team trivia, of course!

Peter Mathieson

Peter Mathieson, founder of the Beaches/Danforth Trivia League in Toronto, can look back on a varied career as a singer/songwriter, studio musician, crossword puzzle constructor, bartender, and now mutual fund representative and trivia buff. He says, ‘I'm another burned out hippie from the sixties, with a lot of useless knowledge I'm just dying to share with anyone who'll listen!’ His over-riding ambition is to have fun, and to try to ensure that those around him do likewise.




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