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Easier Done Than Said

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by: Prakash K. Paranjape

262pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-894154-00-0

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Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Declarer Play

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We have all seen bridge experts make plays that are elegant and simple, yet brilliant - with an instinct and insight apparently out of the reach of the everyday player. But they don't have to be. Study the hands in this book, all of which are taken from actual club and tournament play, and you'll see how the logic of each situation leads to a play that is 'easier done than said'. Then apply these ideas to your own game. Amaze your partners. Mystify your opponents. Play better bridge.

Prakash K. Paranjape

Dr. Prakash K. Paranjape is a chemical engineer as well as a bridge journalist with a regular column in The Times of India. He lives near Mumbai, India, and was non-playing captain of the Indian team at the 1997 World Junior Team Championships.




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