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More Accurate Bidding

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Marshall Miles

90pp | ISBN 978-1-55494-756-0

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This is not a book for beginners, and will not bore you with rehashing things you already know. Some of the topics are somewhat controversial, and as always Marshall Miles urges his own, often original, point of view. You may not be persuaded by everything he recommends, but perhaps you will adopt part of it, and it won't hurt you to discover how some other people play, even if you refuse to play that way yourself.
Here are some of the topics discussed:

Game invitations after a raise of opener's major
Fast arrival and picture bids
When the opponents double a transfer or Stayman
Mini splinters
Mini Roman 2
The Kaplan Interchange
Rubens advances of overcalls
Ways to show two-suiters
The Wolff signoff
Inverted minors
Playing in the opponents' suit
As he often does, Miles ends this book with an 'It's Your Call' bidding quiz, with detailed discussion of options and the rationale for his own choices.

Marshall Miles

Marshall Miles (1926-2013), who was a leading theorist on bidding, authored many books on bridge, including the all-time classic How to Win at Duplicate Bridge. His long and successful playing career includes a World Senior Teams Championship in 2004. He was one of the oldest players to win the World Senior championship and won several North American Championships.


As always, Miles is thought-provoking. Challenging standard thinking and presenting arguments and examples that support his ideas

— David Morgan    Date: 2012-11-07



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