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Hands on Weak Two Bids

An Honors eBook

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Joan Anderson

137pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-55494-760-7

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Weak two-bids are well ensconced in the bridge world and are now part of any beginning program of lessons. They are, however, in that class of “most abused” conventions. An understanding of all the important tools that are at your fingertips will serve you well in making these decisions at the table. This book will walk you through the solutions to the problems you meet every day in offensive and defensive situations, delving into the more intricate aspects of the weak two-bid.

Joan Anderson

Joan’s love of bridge and her passion for teaching have been a part of her life for over 45 years. Her underlying guideline for reaching the student is to lay a solid foundation of fundamentals and also help them develop a bridge to new friendships. Holding a Diamond Life Master ranking, directing and managing a club for over 20 years have helped Joan understand the risks and rewards of playing and promoting the game. In July of 2007 a Master Teacher award was presented to her by the American Bridge Teachers’ Association. She is currently serving on the ACBL Educational Foundation board.


I asked a student on a second-year bridge course for his opinion: \"… first impression was how readable it is. I particularly liked the logical structure, starting with a bit of history, going on to bidding, then responding and finally how the opponents should deal with such [an] impertinent intrusion\". He was pleased with the examples and exercises and reckons his appreciation and use have improved, both employing the weak-two and combating those of opponents.

— East Anglian Daily Times    Date: 2012-01-04



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