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Winning Declarer Play

An Honors eBook

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by: Dorothy Hayden Truscott      updated by Gail Greenberg

278pp | ISBN 978-1-55494-780-5

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This classic book, a bestseller for more than forty years, has been updated for this edition by Gail Greenberg, a frequent partner of Dorothy Truscott, and like her a World Champion. Dorothy had a unique ability to make complex bridge concepts simple to understand, and everything here, from the basics to the most complicated squeeze or endplay, is described in an interesting and easy-to-follow way. In addition to the technical material, the reader will also learn when and how to use deceptive tactics to give the opponents a chance to make mistakes. Each chapter has many sample hands to test and challenge the reader.

Dorothy Hayden Truscott

Dorothy Hayden Truscott (1925-2006) is one of a handful of candidates with a claim to being the best woman player of all time. She is one of only three women to have represented North America or the United States in the Bermuda Bowl. She won the inaugural Blue Ribbon Pairs in 1963, and it was another 40 years before another woman took home that trophy. In 1966 she was third in the World Open Pairs, still comfortably a high-water mark for a woman competitor. She won twelve medals in WBF events, four of them gold. Her contributions to bidding theory include splinters and DOPI, and her book Bid Better, Play Better is still in print.


Gail Greenberg

Gail Greenberg is a five-time World Champion, whose bridge school in New York is one of the largest in North America.


Good books on declarer’s play never become obsolete; as Greenberg says, “[Dorothy’s] ideas about card play are just as much on target now as ever before.

— The Bridge World    Date: 2013-10-31

Truscott’s writing is clear, concise and pleasant – no straining to fathom jargon or esoteric material. This book should be in the library oif any serious bridge player. It is a masterpiece.

— ACBL Bulletin    Date: 2013-07-11



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