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Two-over-One: A First Course

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by: Bill Treble

224pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-037-4

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Categories: Bidding | Intermediate | Canadian Authors

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Designed for players who are familiar with standard bidding, this book covers all aspects of switching over to a 2/1 Game-forcing approach. It’s a comprehensive eight-lesson course, and includes dozens of full-deal examples that can be used to practice bidding and cardplay.

Bill Treble

BILL TREBLE (Winnipeg, Canada) is the author of four previous books, including the award-winning Defending at Bridge: A first course. He has won the Canadian Open Pairs championship on two occasions.


 "Two-over-one: A First Course" might be called two-over-one light. It presumes that players who are used to playing Standard American are ready for the change to two-over-one and provides them with a basic framework in the very first chapter. After that, Treble examines the forcing notrump structure, two-over-one auctions themselves, whether to reach for game or slam in a major, dealing with the minor suits, and incorporating Roman Key-Card Blackwood into your bidding arsenal. Throughout there are many practice hands to help reinforce the principles established. The book ends with three chapters of practice hands which make for interesting bedside reading.

— The Belleville Intelligencer    Date: 2017-12-18

One of the clearest, easiest-to-understand 2/12 books on the market.  By the end, readers should feel confident making the switch to 2/1.

— The ACBL Bulletin    Date: 2017-09-06



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