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by: Warren Watson

198pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-048-0

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Categories: Bidding | Intermediate | Canadian Authors

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It has been many years since any bridge author attempted a comprehensive description of preemptive bidding, and much has changed in the interim. Modern players open the bidding on lighter values, and preempts, formerly based in at least a semblance of sanity, are now made on the flimsiest of excuses. This is a comprehensive treatment of preemptive bidding – not just when to open and with what, but the issues surrounding constructive and obstructive bidding in the subsequent auction.

Warren Watson

Warren Watson (Canada) is a professional artist and an avid bridge player. He is an ACBL Sapphire Life Master, an ACBL accredited teacher, a bridge columnist for the Trail Times, an ACBL director, and the Kootenay Jewel Bridge Club manager. He currently resides in Trail, BC, and in the winter can be found skiing around the back of Grey Mountain.


A book suited to less knowledgeable learners eager to expand their bidding vocabulary.  As players grow, their style evolves, but the disciplined fundamental base provided here is a starting place.

— ACBL Bulletin    Date: 2019-12-04

Covers all aspects of preempts and defenses against them. Spotlights focus on when not to preempt, and how to react to an opposing preempt.

— The Bridge World    Date: 2019-11-27

An invaluable and exceptionally well organized and presented instructional guide and manual that is unreservedly recommended.

— MidWest Book Review     Date: 2019-07-08



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