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Getting to Good Slams: 30 Key Ideas

An Honors eBook

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by: Terry Bossomaier

199pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-192-0

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Bidding Slams is Fun

Slams are one of the most exciting parts of bridge and, at club level, they occur much more often than they are bid. This book aims to help average and aspiring players to bid a few more of those slams. Unlike many other books on bidding, this book does not provide a system or set of gadgets. Instead, it looks at a number of tournament events and develops a set of thirty key ideas that will work with any system.

Almost all the slams in this book are skinny slams, with far fewer than the recommended number of points. But these slams have not been specially selected. Not at all. We include all the slams that occurred in the competitions presented. Instead of points we propose some slam hand templates and introduce ideas such as the thirty-point pack.

Bidding and making tight slams is a match-winning strategy. This book will help its readers along the path to more makeable slams and a lot more bidding fun along the way.

Terry Bossomaier

TERRY BOSSOMAIER (New South Wales) was a keen and successful tournament bridge player in his student years in the UK. He put bridge on hold when he went to Australia -- to learn to surf (never happened) and to sail (sort of happened), but instead became professor of computer science and complex systems.


There is no doubt that many biddable slams are missed at the table, and study of these hands and the author’s detailed and accurate analysis of what makes for an excess of tricks can only help pairs who want to improve their performance in this regard. 

— A New Bridge Magazine    Date: 2018-12-18



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