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Transfer Responses to One Club with Relays

An Honors eBook

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by: Lyle Poe

148pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-198-2

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Transfer responses and relays in the context of a forcing club system have been gaining in popularity in Europe for some time. Now, however, some top American pairs are using these methods, and recent changes in ACBL classifications mean that they can be played in most ACBL-sanctioned events. This book is an ideal introduction for players wanting to try an effective new approach to bidding that is not too complicated, and capable of extension and refinement as the partnership gains experience with it.

Lyle Poe

Lyle Poe (Ellicott City, MD) is a real estate attorney when not playing or writing about bridge. His many high finishes in National events include a second in a National Open Pairs, and third place in the Blue Ribbon Pairs.


This book is hard work, but you have to expect that if you want to adopt a complicated bidding system, even if, as the author says, the relay system is not the most complex one ever. Overall I can see that the system could be an effective one, but only to be recommended for partnerships willing to put in a lot of work to learn it, and to keep developing their agreements, particularly for when those pesky opponents decide to join in the auction.

— A New Bridge Magazine    Date: 2019-08-12



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