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Santa Fe Precision

An Honors eBook

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Dennis Dawson

212pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-209-5

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This book on Precision is quite different. It is a very simplified version, based on the system played by Rodwell and Meckstroth so successfully, but aimed at club players.

Eric Rodwell has endorsed the system and the book.

Dennis Dawson learned Meckwell Lite fifteen years ago when playing on teams with Rodwell and Meckstroth. He then used it while representing the US in the Senior World Team Championship, in which he won a bronze medal.

Dawson’s students in Santa Fe wanted to learn the system, so he made some changes to make it easier for them to remember. That version is the basis of this book, which includes many examples from thirteen years of teaching the system.


"A view of the most effective way to simplify the well-known Meckwell variant. The system is intended for journeyman players, but late sections are geared to advanced partnerships. The explanations are cogent and precise, supported by abundant example hands." -- The Bridge World, July 2020

Dennis Dawson

Dennis Dawson (Santa Fe) is a professional bridge player and teacher, and is an ACBL Grand Life Master.


For the advancing player to near-expert who is thinking of playing a club system -- understandable and easy to read.

— Kitty and Steve Cooper    Date: 2019-12-04

Santa Fe Precision was designed by a World Seniors bronze medallist and experienced teacher to be a relatively simple system for aspiring partnerships. It succeeds in that aim.

— A New Bridge Magazine    Date: 2019-10-30



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