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The Power of Pass

Is someone holding a gun to your head?

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Ron Klinger
      Harold Schogger

96pp | ISBN 978-177140-240-8

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Categories: Intermediate | Honors eBooks | Honors Books

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About the Book

These days, most players bid too much -- they hope their opponents will misdefend, or will bid too much themselves. This book shows you how you can often do better simply by passing. There are many auctions where 'pass' is the winning call, and you will find them here, illustrated by real-life deals from the club level to international championships.

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About the Author

Ron Klinger

Ron Klinger (Australia) is one of the best-known and prolific authors in bridge today, with more than 70 books to his credit. He has represented his country many times, and won numerous Australian National titles.


Harold Schogger

Harold Schogger (UK) has been teaching and writing about bridge for more than 40 years. His previous books include Bridge for Winners.


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