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Bridge Bidding Tips

For Intermediate Duplicate Bridge Players

Available for download in an eBook Edition

by: Fred Parker

136pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-255-2

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Categories: Bidding

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  • Which conventions are more useful than others
  • When to use point count and when to use loser count
  • The opening bid rule of 22
  • When to overcall and when to pass
  • How to be bold when balancing
  • Rules for jump bids in your suit
  • Types of doubles and when to stand for partners’ double
  • Converting from Standard American to 2/1 system
  • Slam bidding; when to ask for controls and when to cue bid
  • Defenses against NT openings; when to bid and when to pass.

Fred Parker

FRED PARKER was born in Hungary. He survived the Nazis, escaped from the communists and made a career in the United States as an executive in Hi-Tech electronics manufacturing. His lifelong interest in bridge led him to his second career as a bridge writer and player.




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