Info:  Honors Books FAQ for Authors


This FAQ is designed for general information purposes only, and is
not intended to imply commitments on the part of Master Point Press.

What is the 'Honors eBooks' program?

How do I submit my work for possible publication as an Honors eBook?

What does Honors eBooks do for me as an author?

What is the "Honors Books" program?

Question: What is the “Honors Books” program?

Answer: Honors Books is an imprint of Master Point Press designed for authors who wish to develop their own books.

Question: What kind of material is published under the Honors Books imprint?

Answer: Honors Books publishes books that would be of interest to a bridge-playing audience, but are estimated to have too small a potential market to make them viable projects as mainstream MPP titles.

Question: Who owns the rights to an Honors Book?

Answer: Master Point Press has exclusive rights to sell the book, in both hardcopy and digital format.

Question: If my book is selected for Honors Books, can I still sell it myself (online, or otherwise?)

Answer: Yes. You can offer the ebook for sale on your own web site, with customers linked through to ebooksbridge for the actual purchase. You will be paid a commission on any sales made this way. You may purchase hard copies of your book for resale at a 40% discount from the list price, and you will be paid a royalty on that purchase as though the sale were made to a third party.

Question: In what formats are Honors Book produced?

Answer: Honors Books are typically published in PDF format and in hardcopy using Print on Demand (POD) technology.

Question: Which devices can read Honors eBooks?

Answer: The following types of devices can read Honors eBooks: personal computers of all types, PDAs, SmartPhones, ebook readers with native PDF support, including the Kindle DX and the Sony Reader.

Question: How do Honors books differ from Master Point Press books?

Answer: Honors Books are developed, designed, edited, and proofread only by the author. As with all Master Point Press eBooks, the digital versions of Honstyle="padding-top:1%"ors Books will include features added by the publisher -- for example, internal links and bookmarks.

In contrast with Master Point Press published books, Honors Books:
   -will not have a unique cover design
   -will not be edited or proofread by Master Point Press
   -will have a book layout that is designed solely by the author

How do I submit my work for possible publication as an Honors eBook?

Question: I have a bridge book manuscript; how do I get it published?

Answer:To have your book considered for publication by Master Point Press or by Honors Books, contact Please submit your manuscript or a chapter outline and a sample from the book by email.

Question: How are Honors Books selected?

Answer: All bridge books are considered. Other books may be accepted on an exceptional basis (generally, for an author who is already published with Honors Books or Master Point Press). Only works that the editors believe have sufficient merit and interest will be published.

Question: What happens after I submit a manuscript for consideration?

Answer: You will receive a response from the editor informing you whether your book is a good candidate to be a Master Point Press publication or an Honors Book publication. You may get some feedback on your manuscript. If your book is selected for the Honors Book imprint, then you may begin preparing your manuscript.

Question: Will Master Point Press or Honors Books publish every book submitted?

Answer: Master Point Press will evaluate every book submitted and determine if it is of an appropriate quality. In some cases, the editor may suggest some changes or even suggest that you get some editorial help.

Question: Do you publish books on topics other than bridge?

Answer: In general, no.

What does Honors eBooks do for me as an author?

Question: How is the Book priced?

Answer: Master Point Press will set the list price for both the hard copy and digital versions of your book in consultation with you.

Question: What work does MPP do?

Answer:MPP adds hyperlinks to your work, provides a cover (using your title, photo, bio, and other information), creates an ebook, provides ISBN numbers, deposits the ebook with the National Library of Canada, provides other data for library purposes, creates an author web page with your input, features the book on and, sends out review copies throughout the world, markets and sells the book.

Question:What kind of promotion does Honors eBooks do?

Answer: Honors eBooks runs special promotions from time to time that are used to promote books. During these promotions, ebooks may be discounted There are also ebook lists, blogs, and special free downloads.

Question: Do I have to worry about copyright if I wrote the book and it is all my material?

Answer: If your book contains only your own material and, therefore, your intellectual property, you have worldwide rights to the book. Even if you have published the book yourself, you still own the rights and can sell those rights to MPP as an Honors Book. If you have already published the book with another book publisher you will need to check to see whether you own the rights.

Question: What if my book includes bridge deals from someone else's book, or from something I saw online or in a magazine?

Answer: A bridge deal cannot be copyrighted; however, the write-up belongs to the author. If you write up a deal yourself using your own words and ideas, then you own the rights to that material. However, if you do use a bridge deal created someone else, it is at least polite to acknowledge the source.

Question: Are there any other rights issues?

Answer: Be careful about images and illustrations you find on the internet. Many of them are copyrighted and you will need permission to use them.

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: Honors Books authors are paid based on a percentage of MPP's net receipts. Royalty statements and accompanying cheques are sent out each April 30th (covering the period from the previous August 1st to January 31st) and October 31st (covering the period from the previous Febrary 1st to July 31st).

Question: What is my royalty rate?

Answer: You would typically receive 50% of MPP's net receipts from sales of your book.

Question: What do you mean by net receipts?

Answer: Net receipts are the amounts MPP receives from sales of your book, not including customer refunds, taxes, or similar items. Other direct expenses (such as printing costs) are also deducted.

Question: What happens if my book is discounted? Does that affect my revenue?

Answer: On some occasions MPP may choose to promote your book and this may include a discount to encourage customers to buy it. The revenue will still be split 50-50 but that is based on the amount received after the discount is applied.

Question: Can I make any extra money by referring people to

Answer: Yes. There is a referral program for authors who have their own websites. Contact for further details.

Question: What do I do if I have questions or need help?

Answer: First, check the FAQ and then contact if you still need help.

Question: How can I contact someone at Honors eBooks?

Answer: Check the contact information on this site or email

Question: Can I sell the Honors eBook from my website?

Answer: Yes, you can arrange to refer customers to ebookbridge, and will be paid a commission on such sales. You may also purchase hard copies of the book for resale, and will receive royalties on such purchases.

Question: Can I sell my work through another publisher or website? On Amazon?

Answer: No, after you sign the contract, MPP will have exclusive rights to sell your book in any format.

Question: What is the advantage of publishing my book with Honors Books?

Answer: Honors Books are sold by Master Point Press, the foremost publisher of bridge books. The customer base we attract is specific to the bridge market. Having the MPP or HB name on your book is a guarantee of quality to potential buyers.

Question: What if I need help? An editor? A proofreader? How do I find one?

Answer: We may be able to help. Email your questions to