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The following bridge websites may be of interest to readers of Master Point Press books. All links will open in a new tab or window.

American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA)
Comprehensive list of teachers and ABTA award winning books.

American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)
Information about tournaments, membership, and news about the league

Australian Bridge Federation
Information about events, states and clubs and a monthly newsletter.

Beginner Intermediate Lounge
Online teaching sessions and an ever growing repository of lesson material and bridge movies contributed by the Teachers and BIL Players.

Bridge 7
Turkish/English site based in Ankara, with links to online bridge lessons, software and more.

Bridge Baron
Oldest program for PC and the #1 seller among bridge programs. Version 29 is now available for Mac and PC. Conventions added on a regular basis, as well as other special features including hands from national and regional tournaments. Now in several languages, with demo available on site.

Bridge Base Online
The world’s largest free online bridge playing site, which features live broadcasts of major championships around the world. ACBL master point events available ($$).

Bridge Blogging
Bridge forum; includes blogs by Mark Horton, Roy Hughes, Ray Lee, Linda Lee, Bobby Wolff and Barbara Seagram

Bridge Bum
An online reference for bridge players.

Bridge Club Live
Online bridge club with online bridge tournament. Managed by the English Bridge Union.

Bridge Guys
Contains over 40 bidding systems including Carrot Club and Romex, and numerous conventions including Sharples and Murray Two Diamonds, as well as definitions of many bridge terms.

Encyclopedia, newsletter and podcast lessons.

Bridge Is Cool
The blog on ACBL's Youth Bridge site.

BeBRIDGE Magazine
A great bridge magazine edited by author Mark Horton.

Bridge Site Links on the World Wide Web
A mix of location-specific organizations, American bridge clubs, and miscellaneous links.

Bridge Today
Online bridge magazine and bridge school by Master Point Press authors Pamela and Matt Granovetter

Bridge Tuition
Homepage of Robert Baker, a professional bridge player and teacher in western England.

Bridge With Al
Albrecht Hollstein, a bridge teacher in Germany.

Bridge World
One of the world's best bridge magazine aimed at experts

Bridge Winners
The most active English-language bridge forum today. Many of the world’s top players take part in the discussions.

Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF)
Membership news, calendar of events, and contact information.

Dealmaster Pro
Software allowing you to deal hands for duplicate games, partnership bidding and teaching along with many other features.

One of the most comprehensive collections of bridge-related links and an official source for WBF and EBU information.

English Bridge Union
Information about competitions, education and memberships.

Eddie Kantar
World renowned bridge writer, player and teacher, Eddie Kantar, shares his bridge humor and thoughts on the game.

European Bridge League
Listing of tournaments, events, member countries, laws and other bridge-related areas, including publications, photos, and administration.

Fifth Chair
A not-for-profit foundation which fosters online bridge education.

An online bridge club that allows you to play bridge deals on smartphones, tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android) and computers (Mac and Windows PC).

Great Bridge Links
One of the most comprehensive collections of bridge-related links

Jerry Helms
Renowned bridge author, teacher and player.

Karen Walker's Bridge Library
Listing of good bridge books for beginners through to expert.

Kitty Cooper
Professional player Kitty Cooper's site focuses on youth bridge.

Larry Cohen
Excellent articles, demos of Larry's CD My Favorite 52 and much more.

Mike Lawrence
Software, lessons and books from a World Champion.

MindRacer Publishing
Innovative bridge products, including flash cards and magnets.

A provider of live bridge on the Internet; includes master point games ($$).

Q-Plus Bridge
This German program is now available in five languages. Version 15 is now available.

Richard Pavlicek
Bridge basics, puzzles and bidding practice.

Ron Klinger Bridge
Paysite of world class professional Ron Klinger. Includes free 30 day trial.

Swan Games Bridge
Online site offering social play and ACBL master point tournaments.

The Barbara Seagram School of Bridge
One of Toronto's largest bridge schools, owned by author Barbara Seagram.

The Beer Card
Trials and tribulations of a bridge player.

World Bridge Federation WBF
Organizing body for contract bridge worldwide. Information available on administration, geographical zones, bidding systems, appeals, competitions and juniors.

Yet Another Bridge Blog
Reflections from a thirtysomething intermediate player.


Bridgerama Magazine