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25 Bridge Conventions You Should KnowBarbara Seagram & Marc Smith978-1-894154-07-9
25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know: Practice Makes PerfectBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-029-9
25 Bridge Conventions for ACOL PlayersSandra Landy, Mark Horton & Barbara Seagram978-1-897106-14-3
25 Bridge Myths ExposedDavid Bird978-1-894154-52-9
25 More Bridge Conventions You Should KnowBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-894154-65-9
25 Steps to Learning 2/1Paul Thurston978-1-894154-46-8
25 Ways to Compete in the BiddingBarbara Seagram & Marc Smith978-1-894154-22-2
25 Ways to Take More Tricks as DeclarerBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-894154-47-5
25 Ways to be a Better DefenderBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-897106-11-2
365 Winning Bridge TipsDanny Kleinman978-1-897106-04-4
52 Bridge Mistakes to AvoidDavid Bird978-1-77140-151-7
A Bridge to Inspired Declarer PlayJulian Laderman978-1-897106-44-0
A Bridge to Simple Squeezes (Second Edition)Julian Laderman978-1-897106-26-6
A Compendium of Double Dummy ProblemsHugh Darwen978-1-77140-244-6
A Complete System for the Tournament Bridge PlayerTu?rul Kaban978-1-77140-156-2
A First Book of Bridge ProblemsPatrick O'Connor978-1-897106-83-9
A First Book of Bridge ProblemsPatrick O'Connor978-1-77140-008-4
A Great Deal of Bridge ProblemsJulian Pottage978-1-55494-784-3
A Modern Approach to Two-Over-OneKen Eichenbaum978-1-55494-764-5
A Second Book of Bridge ProblemsPatrick O'Connor978-1-77140-011-4
A Simpler Blue Club - Mississauga StyleDan Berkley978-1-77140-189-0
A Study in SilverDavid Silver978-0-969846-15-4
A Taste of BridgeJeff Bayone978-1-77140-034-3
A Treasury of Bidding TipsEddie Kantar978-1-897106-90-7
Accurate CardplayTerence Reese & Roger Trézel978-1-77140-014-5
Additional Material from Bumblepuppy DaysJulian Laderman
Arrow Through the HeartDavid Bird978-1-77140-157-9
Avoidance PlayDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-78-9
Bachelor BridgeDavid Bird & Simon Cochemé978-1-77140-214-9
Back Through the PackJulian Pottage978-1-55494-783-6
Barbara Seagram's Beginning BridgeBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-897106-33-4
Barbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge Playing CardsBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-897106-50-1
Barbara's Bridge TipsBarbara Seagram978-1-77140-061-9
Becoming a Bridge ExpertFrank Stewart978-1-894154-27-7
Better Signalling NowMark Horton978-1-77140-025-1
Bid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More: Expanded and UpdatedMatthew Thomson978-1-77140-164-7
Bid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More: First EditionMatthew Thomson978-1-55494-774-4
Bidding at Bridge: A QuizbookBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-018-3
Breaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand PlayBarry Rigal978-1-897106-54-9
Bridge Behind BarsJulian Pottage & Nick Smith978-1-897106-42-6
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 1. FinessingDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-227-9
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 10. Playing SafelyDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-236-1
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 2. Ruffing LosersDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-228-6
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 3. Discarding LosersDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-229-3
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 4. Drawing TrumpsDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-230-9
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 5. Establishing Long SuitsDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-231-6
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 6. Holding Up A StopperDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-232-3
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 7. No-trump ContractsDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-233-0
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 8. Suit ContractsDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-234-7
Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide - 9. EntriesDavid Bird & Marc Smith978-1-77140-235-4
Bridge Conventions in DepthMatthew Granovetter & Pamela Granovetter978-1-894154-56-7
Bridge CrosswordsJeff Chen978-1-55494-770-6
Bridge Crosswords 2Jeff Chen978-1-77140-066-4
Bridge Endplays for Everyone*David Bird978-1-897106-36-5
Bridge Entry TechniquesDavid Bird978-1-77140-219-4
Bridge LiteratureNick Smith978-1-77140-207-1
Bridge Master Versus Bridge AmateurMark Horton978-1-897106-22-8
Bridge Mix: Chocolate-covered contracts and plenty of nutsPaul Holtham978-1-897106-74-7
Bridge Outside the Box with Val KovachevDennis Dawson, Charlie Wilkins & Val Kovachev978-1-77140-226-2
Bridge Over the RainbowAlex Adamson & Harry Smith978-1-77140-050-3
Bridge Problems for a New MillenniumJulian Pottage978-1-894154-28-4
Bridge Squeezes Complete: Winning Endgame StrategyClyde E. Love978-1-897106-58-7
Bridge Squeezes for EveryoneDavid Bird978-1-894154-42-0
Bridge Without a PartnerKen Eichenbaum978-1-55494-757-7
Bridge and the RomanticsNick Smith978-1-77140-197-5
Bridge at the Breakfast TablePaul Thurston978-1-897106-71-6
Bridge at the EdgeBoye Brogeland & David Bird978-1-897106-81-5
Bridge at the Enigma ClubPeter Winkler978-1-897106-59-4
Bridge at the TopSamantha Punch978-1-77140-064-0
Bridge in 3 WeeksAlan Truscott978-1-894154-90-1
Bridge in the MenagerieVictor Mollo978-1-897106-95-2
Bridge on a ShoestringMichael Schoenborn978-1-77140-012-1
Bridge the Silver WayDavid Silver & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-16-1
Bridge with Bells and WhistlesMary Ann Dufresne & Marion Ellingsen978-1-897106-69-3
Bridge with a TwistSimon Cochemé
Bridge, Probability and InformationRobert F. MacKinnon978-1-897106-53-2
Bridge, Zia...and MeMichael Rosenberg978-1-894154-04-8
Bridging Two WorldsMartin Hoffman978-1-77140-199-9
Building a Bidding SystemRoy Hughes978-1-897106-02-0
Bumblepuppy DaysJulian Laderman978-1-77140-003-9
Can You Win the USBC Team Trials 2013?Matthias Felmy978-1-55494-796-6
Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami KehelaRoy Hughes978-1-897106-21-1
Card Play Technique or The Art of Being Lucky (2nd ed.)Victor Mollo & Nico Gardener978-1-897106-97-6
Card by CardRoy Hughes978-1-897106-07-5
Challenge Your Declarer PlayDanny Roth978-1-894154-20-8
Classic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge HumorEddie Kantar978-1-894154-14-7
Clever Plays in the Trump SuitDavid Bird978-1-897106-72-3
Close Encounters Book 1: Bridge's Greatest MatchesEric Kokish & Mark Horton978-1-77140-028-2
Close Encounters Book 2: Bridge's Greatest MatchesEric Kokish & Mark Horton978-1-77140- 045-9
Clues from the Bidding at BridgeJulian Pottage978-1-894154-96-3
Coming Back To BridgePaul Goldfinger978-1-77140-062-6
Competitive BiddingPatty Tucker978-1-55494-788-1
Competitive Bidding in the 21st CenturyMarshall Miles978-1-894154-13-0
Competitive DoublesPatty Tucker978-1-55494-789-8
Constructive Bidding 401Stephen Paul978-1-77140-242-2
Constructive Bidding 402Stephen Paul978-1-77140-243-9
Conventions After a Major Suit OpeningPatty Tucker978-1-55494-786-7
Conventions After a Notrump OpeningPatty Tucker978-1-55494-785-0
Conventions TodayBrian Senior978-1-77140-026-8
Conventions Useful with 2/1Patty Tucker978-1-55494-791-1
Conventions Useful with Strong HandsPatty Tucker978-1-55494-790-4
Countdown to Winning BridgeTim Bourke & Marc Smith978-1-897106-31-0
Countdown to Winning BridgeTim Bourke & Marc Smith978-1-894154-05-5
Counting at BridgeDianne Aves978-1-77140-065-7
Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 1Stephen Kennedy978-1-77140-204-0
Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2Stephen Kennedy978-1-77140-205-7
Cuebidding at BridgeKen Rexford978-1-897106-17-4
Deadly EndplayKen Allan978-1-897106-68-6
Deadly Hold-upJim Priebe978-1-897106-60-0
Death in DuplicateCarole Coplea978-1-897106-98-3
Deceptive Card Play (The Bridge Technique Series 5)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-25-3
Deceptive PlayDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-83-3
Declarer Play at Bridge: A QuizbookBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-897106-91-4
Declarer Play at Bridge: A QuizbookBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-006-0
Defend These Hands With MeJulian Pottage978-1-897106-08-2
Defend or Declare?Julian Pottage978-1-897106-88-4
Defending Notrump ContractsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-82-6
Defending Suit ContractsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-80-2
Defending at Bridge: A First CourseBill Treble978-1-77140-036-7
Defense On The Other HandDavid Bird & Larry Cohen978-1-77140-211-8
Defensive Carding & Opening LeadsPatty Tucker978-1-55494-792-8
Defensive Play at Bridge: A QuizbookBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-007-7
Defensive Play at Bridge: A QuizbookBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-897106-92-1
Defensive Signaling (The Bridge Technique Series 8)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-31-4
Defensive Signaling at BridgeDavid Bird978-1-897106-63-1
Defensive SignalsMarshall Miles978-177140-246-0
Defensive Tips for Bad Card HoldersEddie Kantar978-1-897106-89-1
Demystifying DefensePatrick O'Connor978-1-77140-041-1
Diamonds Are the Hog's Best FriendVictor Mollo978-1-897106-96-9
Don't be Fooled! Countering Deception at BridgeDanny Roth978-1-77140-051-0
Double Elimination: A Bridge MysteryJim Priebe978-1-897106-30-3
Double, Double, Toil and TroubleAlex Adamson & Harry Smith978-1-77140-218-7
Duplicate Bridge Schedules and Jeanie ProgramIan McKinnon978-1-55494-531-3
Duplicate Bridge Schedules, History and MathematicsIan McKinnon978-1-55494-768-3
Easier Done Than SaidPrakash K. Paranjape978-1-894154-00-0
Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge DefenseEddie Kantar978-1-894154-03-1
Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge DefenseEddie Kantar978-1-894154-10-9
Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge DefenseEddie Kantar978-1-894154-02-4
Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge DefenseEddie Kantar978-1-894154-09-3
Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer PlayEddie Kantar978-1-894154-60-4
Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play at BridgeEddie Kantar978-1-894154-53-6
Elimination PlaysDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-72-7
Eliminations and Throw Ins (The Bridge Technique Series 4)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-24-6
Endplays and CoupsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-77-2
Enhanced Precision: Fourth editionRon Beall978-1-55494-798-0
Enterprising Bridge Tales - The Next GenerationMarc Smith978-1-77140-188-3
Enterprising Bridge Tales - The Original StoriesMarc Smith978-1-77140-187-6
Entry ManagementDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-75-8
Entry Management (The Bridge Technique Series 1)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-17-8
Falsecards (2nd edition)Mike Lawrence978-1-77140-010-7
Famous Bridge SwingsDavid Bird978-1-77140-174-6
Fantunes RevealedBill Jacobs978-1-55494-765-2
Five to Five HundredTim Kohl & Bob Jiobu978-1-77140-212-5
Focus on BiddingDanny Roth978-1-894154-06-2
Focus on Declarer PlayDanny Roth978-0-969846-13-0
Focus on DefenseDanny Roth978-0-969846-14-7
Focus on Hocus PocusErwin Brecher & Danny Roth978-0-953995-53-0
Following the LawLarry Cohen978-1-894154-49-9
For Love Or Money: The Life of a Bridge JournalistMark Horton & Brian Senior978-1-894154-01-7
Four-Suit TransfersBarbara Seagram & Andy Stark978-1-894154-86-4
Frank Stewart's Bridge ClubFrank Stewart978-1-894154-58-1
From Short Whist to Contract BridgeHans Secelle978-1-77140-216-3
Further Adventures at the Bridge TableRoy Hughes978-1-55494-794-2
Gaining the Mental Edge at BridgeKim Frazer978-1-77140-210-1
Gamesman Bridge: Play Better with KantarEddie Kantar978-1-55494-773-7
Gary Brown's Learn to Play BridgeGary Brown978-1-897106-39-6
Getting into the BiddingBill Treble978-1-897106-85-3
Getting to Good Slams: 30 Key IdeasTerry Bossomaier978-1-77140-192-0
Getting to Thin GamesTerry Bossomaier978-1-77140-067-1
Go Ahead, Laugh!Jude Goodwin978-1-897106-16-7
Good, Better, BestJan Eric Larsson978-1-77140-241-5
Hand of the WeekJoel Martineau978-1-77140-042-8
Hands on Weak Two BidsJoan Anderson978-1-55494-760-7
Helms to HELLOJerry Helms978-1-897106-10-5
Hocus PocusErwin Brecher978-0-953995-50-9
How Good Is Your Bridge?Danny Roth978-1-897106-32-7
How NOT to Play BridgeMike Dorn Wiss978-1-55494-795-9
How to Be A Lucky PlayerMatthew Thomson978-1-55494-782-9
How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse... And Survive!Roselyn Teukolsky978-1-894154-50-5
Human Bridge ErrorsDanny Kleinman & Nick Straguzzi978-1-897106-27-3
I Love This GameSabine Auken978-1-897106-06-8
I Shot My Bridge PartnerMatthew Granovetter978-1-894154-12-3
If I Only Had a Heart: Bridge over the rainbowAlex Adamson & Harry Smith978-1-77140-035-0
Imaginative CardplayTerence Reese & Roger Trézel978-1-77140-015-2
Improve Your Bidding JudgmentNeil Kimelman978-1-897106-29-7
Inferences at BridgeMarshall Miles978-1-894154-51-2
Introduction to Declarer Play: Second EditionEddie Kantar978-1-77140-056-5
Introduction to Defense: Second EditionEddie Kantar978-1-77140-055-8
It's Your CallMarshall Miles978-1-897106-57-0
Jacoby 2NTBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-894154-61-1
Jacoby TransfersBarbara Seagram & Andy Stark978-1-894154-85-7
JeanieIan McKinnon978-1-55494-530-6
Kantar for the Defense Volume 1Eddie Kantar978-1-77140-171-5
Kantar for the Defense Volume 2Eddie Kantar978-1-77140-172-2
Kantar on KontractEddie Kantar978-1-894154-68-0
Kickback: Slam Bidding at Bridge - Second EditionRobert Munger978-1-77140-195-1
Larry Cohen's Bidding ChallengeLarry Cohen978-1-894154-45-1
Last BoardMark Horton978-1-77140-184-5
Last Call in the MenagerieVictor Mollo978-1-77140-016-9
Leading Questions in BridgeSally Brock978-1-897106-18-1
MOSSO: Example Auctions and QuizzesRichard Granville & David Burn978-1-77140-202-6
Master ClassFred Gitelman978-1-897106-01-3
Master Point Press 2010-2011 CatalogueMaster Point Press978-1-897106-75-4
Master Point Press 2012-2013 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2013-2014 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2014-2015 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2015-2016 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2016-2017 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2018-2019 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2019-2020 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master Point Press 2020-2021 CatalogueMaster Point Press
Master of Bridge PsychologyJeppe Juhl & Peter Fredin978-1-77140-046-6
Mastering Hand EvaluationLawrence Diamond978-1-77140-153-1
Matchpoint DefenseJim Priebe978-1-897106-12-9
Matchpoint TricksIb Axelsen & Villy Dam978-1-894154-71-0
Misbid These Hands with MeMark Horton978-1-77140-068-8
Misdefend These Hands with MeMark Horton978-1-77140-063-3
Misplay More Hands with MeMark Horton978-1-77140-201-9
Misplay These Hands With MeMark Horton978-1-897106-28-0
Modern Constructive BiddingMarshall Miles978-1-894154-99-4
Modified Italian Canapé SystemKen Rexford978-1-55494-750-8
More Accurate BiddingMarshall Miles978-1-55494-756-0
More Bridge LiteratureNick Smith978-1-77140-213-2
More Conventions, More PracticeBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-047-3
More Hocus PocusErwin Brecher & Julian Pottage978-0-953995-52-3
Multi-Landy 2nd Edition: The killer defense versus one notrumpDavid Oakley978-1-77140-193-7
Murder at the Bridge TableMatthew Granovetter978-1-894154-11-6
My Favorite 52Larry Cohen978-1-897106-48-8
My System: The Unbalanced DiamondMarshall Miles978-1-897106-23-5
Never a Dull Deal: Faith, Hope and Probability in BridgeRobert F. MacKinnon978-1-77140-033-6
New Frontiers for Strong Forcing OpeningsKen Rexford978-1-55494-752-2
North of the Master Solvers' ClubFrank Vine978-1-897106-40-2
Northern Lights: Selections from CANADIAN MASTERPOINTEditors: Ray Lee & Linda Lee978-1-894154-64-2
Off-Road Declarer PlayDavid Bird978-1-897106-19-8
On the Other HandDavid Bird & Larry Cohen978-1-77140-196-8
One Trick at a TimeJim Jackson978-1-897106-84-6
Optimal Hand EvaluationPatrick Darricades978-1-77140-208-8
Optimal Hand Evaluation in Competitive BiddingPatrick Darricades978-1-77140-225-5
Out of Hand... And Off the FairwayBill Buttle978-1-897106-64-8
Out of Hand... Out of MindBill Buttle978-1-77140-030-5
Over Hoffman's ShoulderMartin Hoffman & Marc Smith978-1-77140-200-2
Overcalling Opponent's 1NTKen Rexford978-1-55494-762-1
Partnership BiddingMary Paul978-0-969846-10-9
Partnership Bidding - A WorkbookMary Paul978-1-77140-057-2
Pathways to Better Bridge DefenseDanny Roth978-1-894154-54-3
Patrick Jourdain's Problem CornerPatrick Jourdain978-1-897106-47-1
Planning Notrump ContractsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-76-5
Planning in Defense (The Bridge Technique Series J)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-35-2
Planning in Suit ContractsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-74-1
Planning in Suit Contracts (The Bridge Technique Series 6)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-26-0
Planning the DefenseBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-053-4
Planning the Defense: The next levelBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-054-1
Planning the Play in Notrump (The Bridge Technique Series 7)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-30-7
Planning the Play of a Bridge HandBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-897106-51-8
Planning the Play of a Bridge HandBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-897106-79-2
Planning the Play: The Next LevelBarbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-039-8
Play Bridge with ReeseTerence Reese978-1-897106-78-5
Play Bumblepuppy BridgeJulian Laderman978-1-77140-173-9
Play These Hands With MeTerence Reese978-1-897106-77-8
Play it Safe!Barbara Seagram & David Bird978-1-77140-069-5
Play or Defend? 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge SkillJulian Pottage978-1-894154-55-0
Playing 2/1: The Rest of the StoryPaul Thurston978-1-77140-024-4
Playing With the Bridge LegendsBarnet Shenkin978-1-894154-21-5
Playing a Bridge Hand: Just the BasicsMary Ann Dufresne978-1-55494-781-2
Polish Club 2020: ExpertKrzysztof Jassem978-1-77140-224-8
Polish Club 2020: StandardKrzysztof Jassem978-1-77140-223-1
Polish Club InternationalKrzysztof Jassem978-83-919009-7-0
Positive Declarer Play at BridgeTerence Reese & Julian Pottage978-1-894154-94-9
Positive Defense at BridgeTerence Reese & Julian Pottage978-1-894154-93-2
Practice Your Notrump BiddingBarbara Seagram & Andy Stark978-1-894154-87-1
Practice Your Slam BiddingBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-894154-59-8
PreemptsWarren Watson978-1-77140-048-0
Reading the CardsDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-81-9
Reading the Cards (The Bridge Technique Series 10)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-34-5
Really Unusual Notrump (R.U.N.T.)Ken Rexford978-1-55494-763-8
Reese on PlayTerence Reese978-1-897106-76-1
Richelieu Plays BridgeRobert F. MacKinnon978-1-894154-44-4
Robin Hood's Hold-upDavid Bird978-1-77140-206-4
Roman Keycard BlackwoodEddie Kantar978-0-969846-11-6
Roman Keycard BlackwoodBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-894154-62-8
Roman Keycard Blackwood, 5th ed.Eddie Kantar978-1-897106-35-8
Safety PlaysDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-79-6
Safety Plays (The Bridge Technique Series 3)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-19-2
Saints and SinnersDavid Bird & Tim Bourke978-1-894154-23-9
Samurai BridgeRobert F. MacKinnon978-1-894154-29-1
Santa Fe PrecisionDennis Dawson978-1-77140-209-5
Scotland's Senior MomentHarry Smith & Alex Adamson978-1-55494-797-3
Scramble StaymanDoug Bennion978-1-77140-160-9
Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell YouCathy Hunsberger978-1-55494-755-3
Shades of GreyKen Allan978-1-897106-73-0
Shark's PointersMark Aquino978-177140-245-3
Should I or Shouldn't I? Drawing trumps at bridgeMarc Smith978-1-77140-159-3
Six Steps to Winning Declarer PlayJay Apfelbaum978-1-77140-158-6
Sixpack: Adventures with Keycards and QueecardsAllan DeSerpa978-1-77140-150-0
Slam Bidding ConventionsPatty Tucker978-1-55494-787-4
Sleeping on the CouchDavid Caprera978-1-77140-194-4
Somehow We Landed in Six NotrumpDavid Bird978-1-897106-43-3
Splinter BidsBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-894154-63-5
Squeezes Made Simple (The Bridge Technique Series 9)David Bird & Marc Smith978-1-894154-32-1
Standard Bidding with SAYCNed Downey & Ellen Pomer ("Caitlin")978-1-897106-03-7
Standard Modern Precision: Second EditionDaniel Neill978-1-77140-179-1
Startup Bridge - And BeyondLynn Berg978-1-77140-191-3
Stayman AuctionsBarbara Seagram & Linda Lee978-1-894154-84-0
Still Not Finding Squeezes?Julian Laderman978-1-55494-758-4
Story of an AccusationTerence Reese978-0-953021-88-8
Strong Club, Unbalanced DiamondBruce Watson978-1-77140-220-0
Surviving Duplicate Bridge: The first 23.69 pointsKathleen Vishner978-1-55494-761-4
Swing DealsRakesh K. Kumar978-1-77140-238-5
Swings and ArrowsVictor Mollo978-1-77140-005-3
Symmetric RelayNick Hughes978-1-77140-222-4
Take All Your Chances (at bridge)Eddie Kantar978-1-897106-55-6
Take All Your Chances at Bridge 2Eddie Kantar978-1-897106-70-9
Takeout Double: A Bridge MysteryJim Priebe978-1-894154-89-5
Tales Out of SchoolDavid Silver978-0-969846-12-3
Teacher Resource Material for A Taste of BridgeJeff Bayone
Teacher's Manual for "Playing a Bridge Hand: Just the Basics"Mary Ann Dufresne978-1-55494-793-5
Teacher's Manual for "We Love the Majors"Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion Ellingsen978-1-55494-754-6
Teacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Part IJonathan Shute978-1-77140-152-4
Teacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Part IIJonathan Shute978-1-77140-154-8
Teaching Bridge On Cruise ShipsRosemary Boden978-1-55494-771-3
Teaching Bridge with Bells and WhistlesMary Ann Dufresne & Marion Ellingsen
Test Your Bridge Play Volume 2Eddie Kantar978-1-55494-775-1
The Best of Bridge Today DigestEditors: Matthew Granovetter & Pamela Granovetter978-1-894154-39-0
The Big Payoff: Slam Bidding at BridgeBill Treble978-1-77140-043-5
The Blue Team in the History of BridgeCarl’Alberto Perroux978-1-77140-185-2
The Bridge BumAlan Sontag978-1-894154-57-4
The Bridge MagiciansMark Horton & Radoslaw Kielbasinski978-1-894154-38-3
The Bridge Player's Bedside BookEditor: Tony Forrester978-0-969846-18-5
The Bridge World's Test Your PlayJeff Rubens978-1-894154-43-7
The Canterbury Bridge TalesDavid Silver & Tim Bourke978-1-77140-019-0
The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge (2nd edition)Mike Lawrence978-1-897106-45-7
The Complete Book on Takeout Doubles (2nd edition)Mike Lawrence978-1-897106-87-7
The Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding (2nd edition)Mike Lawrence978-1-897106-82-2
The Complete Pub Trivia Night BookPeter Mathieson978-0-969846-17-8
The Complete book of BOLS Bridge TipsSally Brock978-0-969846-16-1
The Contested AuctionRoy Hughes978-1-897106-86-0
The Eight of Clubs was Good?Elizabeth Flynn978-1-77140-031-2
The Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at BridgeGuy Levé978-1-897106-25-9
The Extra Edge in Play at BridgeTerence Reese & Julian Pottage978-1-894154-97-0
The Game of BridgeTerence Reese978-0-953021-86-4
The Great Bridge ScandalAlan Truscott978-1-894154-67-3
The Hands of TimeMark Horton978-1-894154-91-8
The Hog takes to PrecisionVictor Mollo978-1-897106-66-2
The Lone WolffBobby Wolff978-1-897106-37-2
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