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The Twelve Hands of Christmas
The Master Point Press Cookbook
Alex Adamson & Harry SmithIf I Only Had a Heart: Bridge over the rainbow978-1-77140-035-0
Ken AllanShades of Grey978-1-897106-73-0
Ken AllanDeadly Endplay978-1-897106-68-6
Joan AndersonHands on Weak Two Bids978-1-55494-760-7
Jay ApfelbaumSix Steps to Winning Declarer Play978-1-77140-158-6
Sabine AukenI Love This Game978-1-897106-06-8
Ib Axelsen & Villy DamMatchpoint Tricks978-1-894154-71-0
Jeff BayoneA Taste of Bridge978-1-77140-034-3
Ron BeallEnhanced Precision: Fourth edition978-1-55494-798-0
Doug BennionScramble Stayman978-1-77140-160-9
Jonathan BerryThe Pocket Guide to Chess978-1-894154-95-6
David BirdArrow Through the Heart978-1-77140-157-9
David Bird25 Bridge Myths Exposed978-1-894154-52-9
David BirdDefensive Signaling at Bridge978-1-897106-63-1
David BirdSomehow We Landed in Six Notrump978-1-897106-43-3
David BirdOff-Road Declarer Play978-1-897106-19-8
David BirdBridge Endplays for Everyone*978-1-897106-36-5
David BirdClever Plays in the Trump Suit978-1-897106-72-3
David Bird52 Bridge Mistakes to Avoid978-1-77140-151-7
David BirdWinning Duplicate Tactics978-1-77140-017-6
David BirdBridge Squeezes for Everyone978-1-894154-42-0
David BirdWhat’s Your Line? 100 Instructive Bridge Problems978-1-77140-155-5
David Bird & Taf AnthiasWinning Suit Contract Leads978-1-55494-769-0
David Bird & Taf AnthiasWinning Notrump Leads978-1-55494-759-1
David Bird & Tim BourkeReading the Cards978-1-894154-81-9
David Bird & Tim BourkeThe Simple Squeeze978-1-894154-73-4
David Bird & Tim BourkeDefending Suit Contracts978-1-894154-80-2
David Bird & Tim BourkeDefending Notrump Contracts978-1-894154-82-6
David Bird & Tim BourkeDeceptive Play978-1-894154-83-3
David Bird & Tim BourkeSaints and Sinners978-1-894154-23-9
David Bird & Tim BourkeSafety Plays978-1-894154-79-6
David Bird & Tim BourkeAvoidance Play978-1-894154-78-9
David Bird & Tim BourkePlanning in Suit Contracts978-1-894154-74-1
David Bird & Tim BourkeEntry Management978-1-894154-75-8
David Bird & Tim BourkePlanning Notrump Contracts978-1-894154-76-5
David Bird & Tim BourkeElimination Plays978-1-894154-72-7
David Bird & Tim BourkeEndplays and Coups978-1-894154-77-2
David Bird & Marc SmithDefensive Signaling (The Bridge Technique Series 8)978-1-894154-31-4
David Bird & Marc SmithTricks With Finesses (The Bridge Technique Series Q)978-1-894154-36-9
David Bird & Marc SmithPlanning the Play in Notrump (The Bridge Technique Series 7)978-1-894154-30-7
David Bird & Marc SmithEliminations & Throw Ins (The Bridge Technique Series 4)978-1-894154-24-6
David Bird & Marc SmithPlanning in Suit Contracts (The Bridge Technique Series 6)978-1-894154-26-0
David Bird & Marc SmithSafety Plays (The Bridge Technique Series 3)978-1-894154-19-2
David Bird & Marc SmithEntry Management (The Bridge Technique Series 1)978-1-894154-17-8
David Bird & Marc SmithTricks With Trumps (The Bridge Technique Series 2)978-1-894154-18-5
David Bird & Marc SmithPlanning in Defense (The Bridge Technique Series J)978-1-894154-35-2
David Bird & Marc SmithSqueezes Made Simple (The Bridge Technique Series 9)978-1-894154-32-1
David Bird & Marc SmithDeceptive Card Play (The Bridge Technique Series 5)978-1-894154-25-3
David Bird & Marc SmithReading the Cards (The Bridge Technique Series 10)978-1-894154-34-5
Rosemary BodenTeaching Bridge On Cruise Ships978-1-55494-771-3
Tim Bourke & Marc SmithCountdown to Winning Bridge978-1-897106-31-0
Tim Bourke & Marc SmithCountdown to Winning Bridge978-1-894154-05-5
Erwin BrecherHocus Pocus978-0-953995-50-9
Erwin Brecher & Julian PottageMore Hocus Pocus978-0-953995-52-3
Erwin Brecher & Danny RothFocus on Hocus Pocus978-0-953995-53-0
Sally BrockThe Complete book of BOLS Bridge Tips978-0-969846-16-1
Sally BrockLeading Questions in Bridge978-1-897106-18-1
Boye Brogeland & David BirdBridge at the Edge978-1-897106-81-5
Gary BrownGary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge978-1-897106-39-6
Bill ButtleOut of Hand… Out of Mind978-1-77140-030-5
Bill ButtleOut of Hand... And Off the Fairway978-1-897106-64-8
Jeff ChenBridge Crosswords978-1-55494-770-6
Larry CohenMy Favorite 52978-1-897106-48-8
Larry CohenLarry Cohen's Bidding Challenge978-1-894154-45-1
Larry CohenFollowing the Law978-1-894154-49-9
Larry CohenTo Bid or Not to Bid978-1-894154-48-2
Carole CopleaDeath in Duplicate978-1-897106-98-3
Allan DeSerpaSixpack: Adventures with Keycards and Queecards978-1-77140-150-0
Lawrence DiamondMastering Hand Evaluation978-1-77140-153-1
Andrew DiosyThere Must Be A Way978-0-9698461-1-6
Andrew Diosy & Linda LeeYou Have To See This978-0-969846-19-2
Ned Downey & Ellen Pomer ("Caitlin")Standard Bidding with SAYC978-1-897106-03-7
Ned Downey & Ellen Pomer ("Caitlin")The Pocket Guide to SAYC978-1-897106-62-4
Mary Ann DufresnePlaying a Bridge Hand: Just the Basics978-1-55494-781-2
Mary Ann DufresneTeacher's Manual for "Playing a Bridge Hand: Just the Basics"978-1-55494-793-5
Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion EllingsenTeacher's Manual for "We Love the Majors"978-1-55494-754-6
Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion EllingsenTeaching Bridge with Bells and Whistles
Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion EllingsenBridge with Bells and Whistles978-1-897106-69-3
Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion EllingsenWe Love the Majors978-1-55494-753-9
Editor: Tony ForresterThe Bridge Player's Bedside Book978-0-969846-18-5
Editors: Matthew Granovetter & Pamela GranovetterThe Best of Bridge Today Digest978-1-894154-39-0
Editors: Ray Lee & Linda LeeNorthern Lights: Selections from CANADIAN MASTERPOINT978-1-894154-64-2
Ken EichenbaumBridge Without a Partner978-1-55494-757-7
Ken EichenbaumA Modern Approach to Two-Over-One978-1-55494-764-5
Ken EichenbaumWinners, Losers and Cover Cards978-1-55494-751-5
Matthias FelmyCan You Win the USBC Team Trials 2013?978-1-55494-796-6
Elizabeth FlynnThe Eight of Clubs was Good?978-1-77140-031-2
Fred GitelmanMaster Class978-1-897106-01-3
Jude GoodwinGo Ahead, Laugh!978-1-897106-16-7
Matthew GranovetterI Shot My Bridge Partner978-1-894154-12-3
Matthew GranovetterMurder at the Bridge Table978-1-894154-11-6
Matthew Granovetter & Pamela GranovetterBridge Conventions in Depth978-1-894154-56-7
Jerry HelmsHelms to HELLO978-1-897106-10-5
Paul HolthamBridge Mix: Chocolate-covered contracts and plenty of nuts978-1-897106-74-7
Mark HortonThe Hands of Time978-1-894154-91-8
Mark HortonMisplay These Hands With Me978-1-897106-28-0
Mark HortonBridge Master Versus Bridge Amateur978-1-897106-22-8
Mark HortonBetter Signalling Now978-1-77140-025-1
Mark Horton & Jan van CleeffThe Mysterious Multi978-1-897106-56-3
Mark Horton & Fred GitelmanDuplicate Bridge at Home978-1-897106-34-1
Mark Horton & Radoslaw KielbasinskiThe Bridge Magicians978-1-894154-38-3
Mark Horton & Eric KokishClose Encounters: Bridge’s Greatest Matches978-1-77140-028-2
Mark Horton & Eric KokishThe Rabbi’s Rules978-1-77140-001-5
Mark Horton & Barbara SeagramThe Pocket Guide to Acol Bridge978-1-897106-46-4
Mark Horton & Brian SeniorFor Love Or Money: The Life of a Bridge Journalist978-1-894154-01-7
Roy HughesFurther Adventures at the Bridge Table978-1-55494-794-2
Roy HughesBuilding a Bidding System978-1-897106-02-0
Roy HughesCanada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela978-1-897106-21-1
Roy HughesCard by Card978-1-897106-07-5
Roy HughesThe Contested Auction978-1-897106-86-0
Cathy HunsbergerSecrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You978-1-55494-755-3
Jim JacksonOne Trick at a Time978-1-897106-84-6
Bill JacobsFantunes Revealed978-1-55494-765-2
Krzysztof JassemPolish Club International978-83-919009-7-0
Patrick JourdainPatrick Jourdain's Problem Corner978-1-897106-47-1
Tu?rul KabanA Complete System for the Tournament Bridge Player978-1-77140-156-2
Eddie KantarRoman Keycard Blackwood978-0-969846-11-6
Eddie KantarIntroduction to Defender’s Play
Eddie KantarTest Your Bridge Play Volume 2978-1-55494-775-1
Eddie KantarIntroduction to Declarer's Play
Eddie KantarRoman Keycard Blackwood, 5th ed.978-1-897106-35-8
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge978-1-894154-53-6
Eddie KantarClassic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge Humor978-1-894154-14-7
Eddie KantarTake All Your Chances at Bridge 2978-1-897106-70-9
Eddie KantarKantar on Kontract978-1-894154-68-0
Eddie KantarDefensive Tips for Bad Card Holders978-1-897106-89-1
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense978-1-894154-09-3
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play978-1-894154-60-4
Eddie KantarTake All Your Chances (at bridge)978-1-897106-55-6
Eddie KantarA Treasury of Bidding Tips978-1-897106-90-7
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense978-1-894154-10-9
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense978-1-894154-02-4
Eddie KantarGamesman Bridge: Play Better with Kantar978-1-55494-773-7
Eddie KantarEddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense978-1-894154-03-1
Neil KimelmanThe Thin Fine Line978-1-897106-93-8
Neil KimelmanImprove Your Bidding Judgment978-1-897106-29-7
Neil KimelmanThe Right Bid at the Right Time978-1-77140-027-5
Danny KleinmanThe NoTrump Zone978-1-894154-70-3
Danny Kleinman365 Winning Bridge Tips978-1-897106-04-4
Danny Kleinman & Nick StraguzziThe Principle of Restricted Talent978-1-894154-92-5
Danny Kleinman & Nick StraguzziHuman Bridge Errors978-1-897106-27-3
Julian LadermanBumblepuppy Days978-1-77140-003-9
Julian LadermanStill Not Finding Squeezes?978-1-55494-758-4
Julian LadermanA Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play978-1-897106-44-0
Julian LadermanAdditional Material from Bumblepuppy Days
Julian LadermanA Bridge to Simple Squeezes (Second Edition)978-1-897106-26-6
Sandra Landy, Mark Horton & Barbara Seagram25 Bridge Conventions for ACOL Players978-1-897106-14-3
Mike LawrenceThe Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding (2nd edition)978-1-897106-82-2
Mike LawrenceFalsecards (2nd edition)978-1-77140-010-7
Mike LawrenceThe Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge (2nd edition)978-1-897106-45-7
Mike LawrenceTips on Cardplay978-1-77140-022-0
Mike LawrenceTips on Bidding978-1-77140-020-6
Mike LawrenceThe Complete Book on Takeout Doubles (2nd edition)978-1-897106-87-7
Mike LawrenceTips on Competitive Bidding978-1-77140-021-3
Guy LevéThe Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge978-1-897106-25-9
Clyde E. LoveBridge Squeezes Complete: Winning Endgame Strategy978-1-897106-58-7
Robert F. MacKinnonRichelieu Plays Bridge978-1-894154-44-4
Robert F. MacKinnonBridge, Probability and Information978-1-897106-53-2
Robert F. MacKinnonSamurai Bridge978-1-894154-29-1
Robert F. MacKinnonNever a Dull Deal: Faith, Hope and Probability in Bridge978-1-77140-033-6
Zia Mahmood & David BurnAround the World in 80 Hands978-1-894154-08-6
Peter MathiesonThe Complete Pub Trivia Night Book978-0-969846-17-8
Ian McCanceThe Setting Trick978-1-897106-41-9
Ian McKinnonJeanie978-1-55494-530-6
Ian McKinnonDuplicate Bridge Schedules and Jeanie Program978-1-55494-531-3
Ian McKinnonDuplicate Bridge Schedules, History and Mathematics978-1-55494-768-3
Jeff Meckstroth & Marc SmithWin The Bermuda Bowl With Me978-1-894154-33-8
Marshall MilesMy System: The Unbalanced Diamond978-1-897106-23-5
Marshall MilesCompetitive Bidding in the 21st Century978-1-894154-13-0
Marshall MilesIt's Your Call978-1-897106-57-0
Marshall MilesInferences at Bridge978-1-894154-51-2
Marshall MilesMore Accurate Bidding978-1-55494-756-0
Marshall MilesModern Constructive Bidding978-1-894154-99-4
Victor MolloDiamonds Are the Hog's Best Friend978-1-897106-96-9
Victor MolloSwings and Arrows978-1-77140-005-3
Victor MolloLast Call in the Menagerie978-1-77140-016-9
Victor MolloBridge in the Menagerie978-1-897106-95-2
Victor MolloThe Hog takes to Precision978-1-897106-66-2
Victor Mollo & Nico GardenerCard Play Technique or The Art of Being Lucky (2nd ed.)978-1-897106-97-6
Robert MungerKickback: Slam Bidding at Bridge978-1-55494-799-7
David OakleyMulti-Landy: The killer defense versus one notrump978-1-77140-161-6
Patrick O’ConnorA First Book of Bridge Problems978-1-77140-008-4
Patrick O’ConnorA First Book of Bridge Problems978-1-897106-83-9
Patrick O’ConnorA Second Book of Bridge Problems978-1-77140-011-4
Prakash K. ParanjapeEasier Done Than Said978-1-894154-00-0
Mary PaulPartnership Bidding978-0-969846-10-9
Julian PottageDefend These Hands With Me978-1-897106-08-2
Julian PottageBridge Problems for a New Millennium978-1-894154-28-4
Julian PottageBack Through the Pack978-1-55494-783-6
Julian PottageWhy You Still Lose at Bridge978-1-77140-000-8
Julian PottageClues from the Bidding at Bridge978-1-894154-96-3
Julian PottagePlay or Defend? 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge Skill978-1-894154-55-0
Julian PottageA Great Deal of Bridge Problems978-1-55494-784-3
Julian PottageDefend or Declare?978-1-897106-88-4
Julian Pottage & Nick SmithBridge Behind Bars978-1-897106-42-6
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2015-2016 Catalogue
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2016-2017 Catalogue
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2012-2013 Catalogue
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2013-2014 Catalogue
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2010-2011 Catalogue978-1-897106-75-4
Master Point PressMaster Point Press 2014-2015 Catalogue
Jim PriebeDeadly Hold-up978-1-897106-60-0
Jim PriebeMatchpoint Defense978-1-897106-12-9
Jim PriebeDouble Elimination: A Bridge Mystery978-1-897106-30-3
Jim PriebeTakeout Double: A Bridge Mystery978-1-894154-89-5
Jim PriebeThinking on Defense978-1-894154-37-6
Terence ReeseStory of an Accusation978-0-953021-88-8
Terence ReesePlay These Hands With Me978-1-897106-77-8
Terence ReeseReese on Play978-1-897106-76-1
Terence ReeseThe Game of Bridge978-0-953021-86-4
Terence ReesePlay Bridge with Reese978-1-897106-78-5
Terence Reese & Julian PottagePositive Defense at Bridge978-1-894154-93-2
Terence Reese & Julian PottagePositive Declarer Play at Bridge978-1-894154-94-9
Terence Reese & Julian PottageThe Extra Edge in Play at Bridge978-1-894154-97-0
Terence Reese & Roger TrézelAccurate Cardplay978-1-77140-014-5
Terence Reese & Roger TrézelImaginative Cardplay978-1-77140-015-2
Ken RexfordOvercalling Opponent's 1NT978-1-55494-762-1
Ken RexfordVariable Key Card Blackwood978-1-55494-772-0
Ken RexfordModified Italian Canapé System978-1-55494-750-8
Ken RexfordReally Unusual Notrump (R.U.N.T.)978-1-55494-763-8
Ken RexfordCuebidding at Bridge978-1-897106-17-4
Ken RexfordNew Frontiers for Strong Forcing Openings978-1-55494-752-2
Barry RigalBreaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand Play978-1-897106-54-9
Eric Rodwell & Mark HortonThe Rodwell Files978-1-897106-67-9
Dan RommThings Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You978-1-897106-13-6
Michael RosenbergBridge, Zia...and Me978-1-894154-04-8
Danny RothPathways to Better Bridge Defense978-1-894154-54-3
Danny RothChallenge Your Declarer Play978-1-894154-20-8
Danny RothHow Good Is Your Bridge?978-1-897106-32-7
Danny RothFocus on Defense978-0-969846-14-7
Danny RothFocus on Declarer Play978-0-969846-13-0
Danny RothFocus on Bidding978-1-894154-06-2
Jeff RubensThe Bridge World's Test Your Play978-1-894154-43-7
Michael SchoenbornBridge on a Shoestring978-1-77140-012-1
Barbara Seagram & David BirdThe Pocket Guide to Declarer Play at Bridge978-1-77140-002-2
Barbara Seagram & David BirdDeclarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook978-1-77140-006-0
Barbara Seagram & David BirdDefensive Play at Bridge: A Quizbook978-1-77140-007-7
Barbara Seagram & David BirdPlanning the Play of a Bridge Hand978-1-897106-51-8
Barbara Seagram & David Bird25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know: Practice Makes Perfect978-1-77140-029-9
Barbara Seagram & David BirdDeclarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook978-1-897106-91-4
Barbara Seagram & David BirdThe Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions978-1-77140-023-7
Barbara Seagram & David BirdBidding at Bridge: A Quizbook978-1-77140-018-3
Barbara Seagram & David Bird25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer978-1-894154-47-5
Barbara Seagram & David BirdDefensive Play at Bridge: A Quizbook978-1-897106-92-1
Barbara Seagram & David Bird25 Ways to be a Better Defender978-1-897106-11-2
Barbara Seagram & David BirdThe Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge978-1-77140-004-6
Barbara Seagram & David Bird25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know978-1-894154-65-9
Barbara Seagram & David BirdPlanning the Play of a Bridge Hand978-1-897106-79-2
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeStayman Auctions978-1-894154-84-0
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeePractice Your Slam Bidding978-1-894154-59-8
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeBarbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge Playing Cards978-1-897106-50-1
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeJacoby 2NT978-1-894154-61-1
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeBarbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge978-1-897106-33-4
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeSplinter Bids978-1-894154-63-5
Barbara Seagram & Linda LeeRoman Keycard Blackwood978-1-894154-62-8
Barbara Seagram & Ray LeeThe Pocket Guide to Bridge978-1-894154-41-3
Barbara Seagram & Marc Smith25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know978-1-894154-07-9
Barbara Seagram & Marc SmithThe Pocket Guide to Bridge Conventions You Should Know978-1-897106-65-5
Barbara Seagram & Marc Smith25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding978-1-894154-22-2
Barbara Seagram & Andy StarkFour-Suit Transfers978-1-894154-86-4
Barbara Seagram & Andy StarkPractice Your Notrump Bidding978-1-894154-87-1
Barbara Seagram & Andy StarkJacoby Transfers978-1-894154-85-7
Brian SeniorConventions Today978-1-77140-026-8
Barnet ShenkinPlaying With the Bridge Legends978-1-894154-21-5
Jonathan ShuteTeacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Part II978-1-77140-154-8
Jonathan ShuteTeacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Part I978-1-77140-152-4
David SilverTales Out of School978-0-969846-12-3
David SilverA Study in Silver978-0-969846-15-4
David SilverThe Naked Bridge Player978-1-897106-15-0
David Silver & Tim BourkeThe Canterbury Bridge Tales978-1-77140-019-0
David Silver & Tim BourkeBridge the Silver Way978-1-894154-16-1
Harry Smith & Alex AdamsonScotland's Senior Moment978-1-55494-797-3
Marc SmithShould I or Shouldn’t I? Drawing trumps at bridge978-1-77140-159-3
Marc SmithWorld Class: Conversations With the Bridge Masters978-1-894154-15-4
Alan SontagThe Bridge Bum978-1-894154-57-4
Andy StarkThe Weak Notrump978-1-894154-69-7
Frank StewartBecoming a Bridge Expert978-1-894154-27-7
Frank StewartFrank Stewart's Bridge Club978-1-894154-58-1
Roselyn TeukolskyHow to Play Bridge With Your Spouse... And Survive!978-1-894154-50-5
Matthew ThomsonHow to Be A Lucky Player978-1-55494-782-9
Matthew ThomsonBid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More: First Edition978-1-55494-774-4
Matthew ThomsonBid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More: Expanded and Updated978-1-77140-164-7
Paul ThurstonThe Pocket Guide to 2/1978-1-897106-00-6
Paul ThurstonBridge at the Breakfast Table978-1-897106-71-6
Paul Thurston25 Steps to Learning 2/1978-1-894154-46-8
Bill TrebleTwo-over-One: A First Course978-1-77140-037-4
Bill TrebleGetting into the Bidding978-1-897106-85-3
Bill TrebleDefending at Bridge: A First Course978-1-77140-036-7
Alan TruscottThe Great Bridge Scandal978-1-894154-67-3
Alan TruscottBridge in 3 Weeks978-1-894154-90-1
Dorothy Hayden TruscottWinning Declarer Play978-1-55494-780-5
Patty TuckerConventions After a Notrump Opening978-1-55494-785-0
Patty TuckerSlam Bidding Conventions978-1-55494-787-4
Patty TuckerConventions After a Major Suit Opening978-1-55494-786-7
Patty TuckerConventions Useful with 2/1978-1-55494-791-1
Patty TuckerDefensive Carding & Opening Leads978-1-55494-792-8
Patty TuckerCompetitive Doubles978-1-55494-789-8
Patty TuckerConventions Useful with Strong Hands978-1-55494-790-4
Patty TuckerCompetitive Bidding978-1-55494-788-1
Frank VineNorth of the Master Solvers' Club978-1-897106-40-2
Kathleen VishnerSurviving Duplicate Bridge: The first 23.69 points978-1-55494-761-4
Peter WinklerBridge at the Enigma Club978-1-897106-59-4
Mike Dorn WissHow NOT to Play Bridge978-1-55494-795-9
Bobby WolffThe Lone Wolff978-1-897106-37-2