How to order

You can order Master Point Press titles in the following ways:

Master Point Press titles are available from all major bookstores. To locate a store in your area that carries our titles, use one of the links below: Australia Canada Denmark France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway South Africa Sweden United Kingdom United States

214 Merton St. Suite 205 Toronto, ON M4S 1A6 Canada (647) 956-4933 Orders from Master Point Press must be accompanied by cheque or credit card information (MasterCard or Visa number and expiry date). Shipping/handling charges and applicable taxes will be added to the cost of the books. If you are not located in Canada, it will be much quicker and cheaper to order from a local bookseller.

Master Point Press also offers quantity discounts to bridge clubs, teachers and students. 40% off a purchase of 30 copies or more 25% off a purchase of 10 to 29 copies These discounts apply to books and bridge software. To order email, call (647) 956-4933.

Visit our e-book store at to purchase downloadable software or an elecronic book to be read from your computer or your hand-held reading device.