Zia  Mahmood

Zia Mahmood

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Zia, usually known by that name alone, is arguably the most recognizable bridge player of our times. Born in Pakistan, he has homes in London and New York, and now represents the USA in international competition. His tournament success include numerous North American championships and six world championship medals (including a gold in 2009). He writes a regular bridge column in The Guardian and his autobiography, Bridge My Way, as a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.


Playing With the Bridge Legends
Michael Rosenberg & Zia Mahmood & Barnet Shenkin
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Bridge, Zia...and Me
Michael Rosenberg & Zia Mahmood
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Bridge Outside the Box with Val Kovachev
Zia Mahmood & Dennis Dawson & Charlie Wilkins & Val Kovachev
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Bridge, A Love Story
Zia Mahmood
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