Bridge and the Romantics

An Honors eBook Art. # 978-1-77140-302-3
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About the Book

It is June 1822. Percy Shelley is planning a new bridge book. It will feature the most dazzling, difficult deals ever published, the bridge of the gods… But before he leaves on his ill-fated trip to Livorno, Shelley only has time to send his publisher a short ‘Declarer Play Problems’ pamphlet. Nick Smith, however, has unearthed a series of hitherto unchronicled episodes in the poet’s life, which demonstrate where the deals first arose, and what actually happened at the table in each case. Historically accurate and beautifully illustrated, this is a book for fans of classic literature as well as bridge players.

About the Author

Nick Smith (Oxford, UK)is a Grand Master and England international as well as the author of numerous novels and plays. Among his books are Bridge Literature, More Bridge Literature, Bridge and the Romantics and, with Julian Pottage, Bridge Behind Bars.

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Media Reviews

July 11th, 2019
A New Bridge Magazine
It would be unreasonable to expect the humour to reach the standard of Mollo or Bird, but the authors make a good fist of it,  The hands are well constructed, enjoyable, sometimes instructive, and the stories are entertaining.
August 12th, 2019
A New Bridge Magazine
The many intriguing bridge hands are presented separately as puzzles, before the mostly solutions are presented within the body of the story.  And as a fan of the English romantic poets I very much enjoyed reading more about their lives and loves than I previously knew.

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