Enhanced Precision: Fourth edition

An Honors Book Art. # 978-1-55494-553-5
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By: Ron Beall
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About the Book

About the Fourth Edition When I completed the third edition of Enhanced Precision, I believed (or at least hoped!) that it would be the final version. But many people made suggestions for improvements and I finally succumbed to writing what I now believe (or at least hope!) will be the ultimate system (knowing full well that there is no ultimate system). In addition to many improvements in the system itself, the fourth edition contains numerous examples of the system in action (in response to numerous requests for examples showing how the system works with real hands). Most of the concepts in this book can be applied to standard bidding systems. They are not confined to big club systems. Enjoy! From the Author, Ron Beall I have played Precision for several decades, winning dozens of regionals and even a six session national championship.  Over those decades, I have researched other Precision systems and incorporated the best features of each, along with innovative concepts created and refined by Tom Devine and myself.  Those features are designed to get to the best contracts, usually played by the stronger hand (lots of transfers) at the same time making life difficult for the opponents (raising the level of the auction fast when we have a fit).  Many methods are described allowing both distribution, high card points, support points, and controls to be shown for accurate partial, game, and slam bidding. All the above is true for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions of Enhanced Precision.  In the six years since the Third Edition of Enhanced Precision was published, I have made significant changes to the system, making the system even more accurate for slam and game bidding. See pages 194-196 for just a summary (essentially just topics, not details) of the many changes from the third edition of Enhanced Precision. Just as one example, the 1♣ structure has been much improved especially for game forcing balanced responders being able to show 1-loser and solid suits (via transfers), extremely important for slam bidding dealing with interference bidding responding with 4441 hands Competitive bidding is covered more thoroughly than ever before, especially after our side has opened the bidding with 1♣.  A relatively simple structure has been developed for all the standard interference systems (natural, Mathe, Suction, and transfers) and described in detail.  Many competitive bidding samples (both for 1♣ and non-1♣ auctions) are included Each main chapter now has End of chapter “in-action” samples to help master material and demonstrate the power of Enhanced Precision compared to other systems I have included a Glossary and an Index to make it easy to define terms (and acronyms) and where to find topics in the book Master Point Press is now providing an editable convention card, already filled out the way Tom Devine and I play Enhanced Precision.  There is a link to download the software used for the creating, editing, and printing the convention cards.  I have found this software to be extremely useful.  Once you have one convention card, you can save it under a different name and create other cards for other partners.  You can even email them a card so that they can print it on their own computer.  After downloading the EPIV convention card, make sure to copy it to the CCE folder where the software expects to find convention card files. I have even created a blog for readers to ask questions and make suggestions I hope you enjoy reading, playing, and winning with Enhanced Precision as much as I have had in creating it.

About the Author

RON BEALL (Bellingham, WA) is a Diamond Life Master who has won over dozens of regional pair and team events and one major national championship (Six Session National Open Swiss Teams). He is the author of several articles on bidding in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and in The Bridge World Ron lives with his wife Jennifer (Ruby Life Master) and Darth (Vader), his adorable toy poodle.

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Media Reviews

January 22nd, 2017
The Bridge World
Compared to earlier versions, this revision is much expanded, with many more examples and helpful summaries of the recommended methods.

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