How to Be A Lucky Player

An Honors eBook Art. # 978-1-55494-537-5
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About the Book

ARE YOU A LUCKY PLAYER? It is no coincidence that the best players are lucky players. You can become a "better" player by improving your bidding system with your partner and by improving your play technique, however this will not make you a lucky player. HOW CAN YOU BECOME A LUCKY PLAYER ANd A WINNER? In this book, illustrated with hands from actual play, the author demonstrates ways to become a lucky player. Lucky players evaluate their trick winning potential to recognize and grab opportunities, maximizing their score over all likely distributions of the cards.

About the Author

MATTHEW THOMSON is a former member of the Australian Bridge Team, and has been a finalist in both the Olympiad and the World Bridge Teams. A bridge professional and teacher, he lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Cathryn, and with "Chubba", his Welsh Terrier.

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Media Reviews

October 28th, 2013
Paul Lavings, Australia
Matthew Thomson has followed up the success of his first book, Bid More, Play More with another excellent effort. The book is a treat to read, since it is only example hands. No rules or lengthy text, just hand after juicy hand.
October 31st, 2013
ACBL Bulletin
Solid reading for the intermediate audience.
January 16th, 2015
David Morgan, \'Australian Bridge\'
Challenging for some, but it will have unexpected benefits: your cardplay will improve as you will be declarer more often and in tougher contracts!

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