Sep 14th, 2020

IBPA Book of the Year Awards Shortlist announced!

The IBPA has released the short list for the 2020 Book Award, and two Master Point Press titles are included:

1) Defense on the Other Hand (David Bird and Larry Cohen)

This follow-up volume to On the Other Hand uses the same approach to defense as the first book used for declarer play: pairs of deals are shown – one described by Bird and the other by Cohen. The deals look similar (in some cases very similar) but an entirely different defense is necessary to defeat each of the contracts. By clearly understanding the defensive techniques involved, you will be able to defeat such contracts when you encounter them at the table.

2) Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge (Kim Frazer)

Bridge players spend countless hours working on bidding conventions and card play techniques, yet give little attention to the mental side of the game. Maintaining focus and concentration, dealing with nerves, and other issues are largely ignored. In this book, Kim Frazer – an Olympian, winner of gold medals at three consecutive Commonwealth Games and an Australian international bridge player – has adapted the mental techniques that brought her success in shooting and explains in easily-understood terms how to use these at the bridge table.

The winner will be announced in December.