Roman Keycard Blackwood

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  • Isbn: 978-0-969846-11-6
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About the Book

Do you want to bid more good slams, and fewer bad ones? Everyone today plays Roman Keycard Blackwood -- or at least, they think they do. This fourth edition of the only comprehensive book on RKB covers not only the basics, but also the cutting-edge ideas that can improve your slam bidding dramatically. These include: Why you should play 1430 and 3014 RKB asks The important extensions of RKB: the Queen-Ask, the Specific King Ask, and Specific Suit Asks Responding to RKB with a void ELB -- asking for Keycards with a void RKB in notrump auctions RKB in minor-suit auctions In this book, you'll find everything you need: clear explanations of the many aspects of Roman Keycard Blackwood with hundreds of carefully-annotated example hands and summaries at the end of each chapter. Finally, there is a set of 60 hands for you to bid with your favorite partner, then compare Eddie Kantar's suggested auctions to your own results.

About the Author

Eddie Kantar (Santa Monica, CA) is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers in the world. A winner of two World Championships, and a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame, his many books include Modern Bridge Defense, Advanced Bridge Defense, the hilarious Kantar on Kontract, and of course, Roman Keycard Blackwood. His work appears regularly in many bridge magazines around the world.

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