The Art of Becoming a Top Bridge Player

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About the Book

Foreword by Jeff Meckstroth

Dr. Samantha Punch has interviewed many of the world’s top bridge personalities. The players discuss their approach to the game, including subjects such as improving your game, coping with mistakes and emotions, how to become a good partner in a successful partnership, dealing with pressure and coping with loss.

This book aims to show aspiring and expert players how they might develop their game and improve their partnership dynamics. It covers the non-technical aspects of the game, helping players and partnerships to become the best they can be. At the top level, these ‘small gains’ can make the difference between winning and losing.

"Whether you are a top player, or an aspiring bridge player near the start of your journey, or, perhaps even especially, a non-bridge player, you will find Sam and Tim’s insights absolutely fascinating."
Andrew Robson

"The opportunity to read how so many great players approach different aspects of the game is not only interesting, but highly educational."
Roy Welland

"Let Samantha show you how to not only win all the postmortems, but how to also be considered a true winner by your partners, teammates and even your opponents."
Sabine Auken

About the Author

Samantha Punch (UK) is a professor of sociology at the University of Stirling. A Scottish international bridge player, she is the driving force behind the 'Keep Bridge Alive' campaign, now renamed Bridge: A MindSport for All.

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Tim Rees is an international bridge player; he has represented Wales in the Camrose, Europeans and Olympiads since 1997. He was a member of the Welsh team that won the Commonwealth Nations Championship in Glasgow in 2014. Domestically, he has won many national championships, including the Gold Cup, Crockfords and Spring Foursomes, and also the Welsh and Scottish Cups. He is a former chairman of the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU.His day job is at Transport Research Laboratory, analysing traffic congestion and developing ways to make roads work better.

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