The MOSSO Bidding System

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About the Book

For the last three years, the authors have been developing MOSSO, a new bidding system derived from 2/1, Fantunes and Polish Club. MOSSO brings together the best features of its parent systems, while providing an effective interface between them. The system has been the subject of enthusiastic discussion on the popular website This is the first volume of a two-book series and describes the full system in detail. The second volume contains example auctions and quizzes.

About the Author

David Burn, of London, England, is a systems programmer and bridge journalist. He is also regularly found at European and World Championships as coach of one or more of the England teams.

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Richard Granville (UK) has represented the UK at both Bridge and Go. A software engineer by trade, he has contributed more than 2000 cardplay problems to the No Fear Bridge website.

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